What Size Of Fan Should I Get For My Bedroom?

In addition to the decors and interiors adopted in the bedroom, the inclusion of bedroom fans should never be less prioritized. Having such an appliance in our bedroom is highly required as a support system to the vents which we’ve purchased in the room.

Also, for bedrooms that lack vents, a standing/ceiling fan should be purchased for the sole purpose of cooling the bedroom thereby letting air to be circulated all round without the room necessarily getting hot.

Today, we’ll be focusing our attention on the size of the fan that an individual should purchase for the bedroom. First, fans are seen in different sizes, designs, and types. In the same way, do our rooms differ with regard to the patterns and sizes? So here’s the big question. What size of fan should I get for my bedroom?

What Size Of Fan Should I Get For My Bedroom?

We’ve got fans that are larger in sizes, and, we’ve got fans that are smaller in sizes. In the right sense, larger fans are placed in rooms that seem to be bigger such that air can properly be circulated around, while for the smaller fans, they are purchased for bedrooms that are quite small. However, that seems not to be in vogue in this new era. An individual can get any of the sizes of fans for their bedrooms regardless of how big or small they may be.


The Types Of Fans To Be Reviewed Below

For each and every review, we’ll be looking at two (2) major types of fans which are;

1. Floor fans
2. Ceiling fans.

1. Floor fans

As we all know, floor fans are fans built to cool an area of space by situating it in a location where it can work better.

2. Ceiling fans

Commonly known to be designated right in the ceiling, they are built to ensure the circulation of air in the bedroom. Unlike the floor fan that twirls around, the ceiling fan is stagnant yet circulate air around the room.


Fans To Be Purchased For The Bedroom

1.  Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan, 10 Inches, White/Silver

Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan, 10 Inches, White/Silver


No word can best describe this beauty because it is beyond magnificent. Dyson sure knows how to keep its users longing for more of their stunning products suitable for usage. This tower fan is all you need to get a perfect rest. Be it a small or large size of the room you’ve got, Dyson fan is an all-rounder.


1. Unrestricted airflow

The air that emanates from the Dyson tower fan comes freely without any form of restriction. It can be placed in your kid’s bedroom also being that they are built without spinning blades.

2. Noiseless

Most fans are known to be noisy by means of the inbuilt wiring or the method in which the fans are manufactured. For this, it works noiselessly.

3. Easy to maintain

Worried about the maintenance culture? Dyson stands out from other substandard products through easy maintenance of their products without unscrewing and screwing any part of the Dyson fan.


1. It comes with airflow settings
2. The fan is powerful
3. It is easy to maintain, operate, and highly durable
4. No spinning blades
5. It comes with a sleep timer control button located on the remote control


1. It doesn’t work with a smart outlet


2. Hunter Fan Company Hunter 53091 Transitional 52” Ceiling Fan from Builder Deluxe collection Dark finish, New Bronze

Hunter Builder Deluxe Indoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Pull Chain Control, 52″, New Bronze


Where are my ceiling fan lovers? We perfectly understand individual preferences hence, we’re interchanging between different types and designs of fans we’ve got. Hunter fan is suitable for both smaller or bigger rooms.


  • Classic Ceiling Fan

Just take a look at the traditional deluxe fan this brand is offering right now. So classy and extravagantly beautiful. The best aspect is the LED light that is attached to extensively bring out the interiors of the bedroom.


  •  Multi-speed reversible fan motor

Presenting to you is a fan with a multi-speed reversible fan motor that allows for proper rotation either downdraft or updraft movement when necessary.

This gorgeous bowl lit light up the entire bedroom when turned on. It brings an ambiance into the room to accentuate its outlook.


1. It is noiseless
2. It is easy to install
3. It has a low power consumption rate
4. It comes with a pull chain
5. It is inexpensive


1. It doesn’t come with remote control


3. Hunter Donegan Indoor Ceiling Fan with LED Lights and Pull Chain Control, 52″, Onyx Bengal

Hunter Donegan Indoor Ceiling Fan with LED Lights and Pull Chain Control, 52″, Onyx Bengal

The next fan review we’re bringing on board is likewise the same with the former. As mentioned in the previous review, Hunter fan has come to imprint their footsteps in the homes of its users with the quality products they are delivering all year round. This fan would be perfect for all bedroom sizes.


  • Pull Chain Control

Get a glimpse of a traditional and modern look with Hunter fan. Attached to the fan as a controller is a pull chain that lets you switch on/off the fan without the use of remote control. The use of the pull chain dates way back before this new era. At such, it is referred to as a classic ceiling fan.

  • LED Light Kit

What a stunner! I could literally stare at these opulent lights for they are stunning. As seen below, included in the fan are three (3) LED lights that can be dimmed or turned off at any point in time.


3. Classic Ceiling Fan

Indeed, it is classic. From the designs and materials used in bringing it into existence, this beauty is well articulated. Acting as a coverage to the LED lights are amber glasses serving as a means of protection.


1. It gives value for money
2. It is easy to operate and maintain
3. It is noiseless
4. It is less expensive
5. It is durable


1. No remote control


4. Fandian 42Inch Modern Ceiling Light with Fans Remote Control Retractable Blades

Fandian 36” Modern Smart Ceiling Fans with Light Bluetooth Speaker Music Player Chandelier 7 Colors Invisible Blades with Remote Control, Dimmable LED Kits Included (36 Classic)

No doubt fans are produced in different sizes, styles, patterns, and designs. This is a confirmation of such a statement. No one can look at this without admiring and falling head over heels in love with it. The design is overwhelming which certainly would blend with the rest decor present in the bedroom. Worried if it’s gonna fit into the size of your room? It certainly will.


1. Pure copper mute motor

The fan’s motor which is the main component that enables the fan to function appropriately is made of copper, in a way that it is noiseless with no vibration or wobbling.

2. Invisible fan light

A common feature among the fans we’ve reviewed thus far is with respect to the lighting system. Like the rest, the fan comes with a LED light that lasts a maximum of 60,000 hours. Splendid right? More reason why you should have this fixed in your bedroom.

3. Fusion of concept

Everyone’s interpretation of luxury is different. What may seem attractive to Mr. A, might be unattractive to Mr. B. Knowing this, Fandian deem it necessary to bring in a fusion of concept such that it becomes accepted by all. The design is a correlation between each person’s idea of luxury fused in one.


1. It is beautiful and classic
2. It has quality
3. It is durable
4. It is inexpensive
5. It is noiseless


1. It doesn’t come with a reversible function


5. Lucci Air 21296201 Airlie II 4 Indoor Ceiling Fan with Remote Control and Light Kit Not Adaptable, 52 Inch, White with White Blades

Lucci Air 21296201 Airlie II Ceiling Fan with Remote, 52 Inch, White with White Blades

Lucci Air goes a long way into the homes of millions of people. Highly reputable, they got one of the best designs of fans one can ever envisage to get you longing for more explicit products. Such type of fan can be purchased for all sizes of room to cool off space within.


1. Interchangeable switch

Wondering what this implies? Well, it only means the fan can be switched between two (2) seasons. It is programmed to work both ways. That is, it swirls differently in summer and in winter. In simpler words, the speed is usually higher during the summer. And in winter, the fan’s speed can be reduced.

2. Unrestricted airflow

The air goes around the entire space and the flow is unrestricted. No wobbling, less noise. With your money, you get this quality product to keep you feeling all cozy and fresh.

3. Perfect finishing

Gotten from superb gradable materials, the finishing is excellent. Produced to serve you for as long as it can, expect simply the best from this brand.


1. Perfect for the bedroom
2. It is less expensive
3. It gives you value for money
4. The fan is durable with the right materials used for finishing
5. It has an interchangeable switch


1. Limited color


6. Hunter Fan Company 53326 Builder Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Pull Chain Control, Snow White

Hunter Builder Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Pull Chain Control, 52″, Snow White

The last brand whose product is to be reviewed is Hunter Fan. Without going deeper, it has become known to all what this brand stands for. Quality, value, and durability are their mantras. From their least product to their highest products are all first-rate. This isn’t something that you should miss out on. Regardless of the size of your bedroom, Hunter fan got you covered.


Please note, the features for all Hunter fans remains the same.

1. Pull chain control

Attached to be the control system of the fan is a pull chain control. To turn on/off, you use the pull chain to get it working.

2. LED light

Hunter fans are produced with LED lights. So aside having a fan to cool your space or room with, you’ve got a light fastened to the bowel of the fan.

3. Multi-speed reversible fan motor

This can be referred to as a selling point for Hunter. The reversible fan motor is what the users love about the ceiling fan.


1. Easy to install
2. It is inexpensive
3. The remote control works perfectly well
4. Zero noise
5. It has quality


1. Light bulbs not included

To conclude, the size of the room isn’t necessarily a yardstick in the purchase of a suitable fan. What is important is getting the best fans out there to allure the outlook of your room in keeping it cool. The aforementioned reviews have simply done justice to your needs and desires.


Buyers Guide For Purchasing The Right Size Of Fan For Your Bedroom

1. Price
2. Quality
3. Value
4. Durability/long-lasting

1. Price

Going by their sizes, shapes, types, and designs, we certainly are going to be spending a bit more. Fans are included among the list of things that seem to cost quite a lot. Nevertheless, the usefulness can’t be overestimated. We need them to cool our rooms and to as well do away with heat. At such, we’ll be reviewing products that are less expensive.

2. Quality

One of the most important things humans tend to look out for first before divulging into purchasing their desires is quality. Knowing that it differentiates it from the rest of the products, makes it more appealing to be purchased. All products to be looked at are of great quality.

3. Value

Fans are valuable. During heat seasons, fans are needed to keep our bedrooms cool. By means of this, we all need them around us. Watch out for the valuable products to be reviewed soonest.

5. Durability/long-lasting

Truth is, nothing lasts forever. Ranging from our accessories to appliances, they all have an expiry date. Likewise bedroom fans. Some come in sub standardized materials, while others are built with the best materials. Nevertheless, we got the very best of products that are durable and long-lasting.


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