What Is A Good Floor Lamp For A Bedroom?

What Is A Good Floor Lamp For A Bedroom?

A good floor lamp is one that is designed to have multiple features that will satisfy whatever we desire in interior lighting. It should come with a stable base to guard against toppling by either pets or children and easy maneuverability from one place to another. It has to have multiple switches so that the intensity of what it gives can be regulated to requirement.

Moreover, a good floor lamp should be a decorative piece to complement all kinds of interior decor, most importantly, it must not contain, in its bulb, any hazardous substances like lead or mercury that are injurious to human health. This makes them risk-free. Finally, such good floor lamps should have a mechanism by which their heights can be easily adjusted to suit all purposes in addition to being easy to assemble and dismantle.

Can We Put Lamps in Our Bedrooms?

Sure we can. This is because we can adjust their brightness and heights (to the illumination and positions) according to our desires while we sleep. Additionally, they are produced to save energy which implies that they do not produce much heat which makes them ideal for any bedroom. Furthermore, they are so crafted that they serve to accentuate the beauty of our bedroom decor since they complement any interior designs.


Where To Place Floor Lamps In a Bedroom

Floor lamps can be placed strategically in any bedroom where they will not impede movements which is either behind the bed or any of its sides. Although these exceptional works of art can be placed, if so desired, virtually anywhere since everything about them can be adjusted to suit our tastes. What is more, wherever they may be, they are risk-free and so compatible with our health. Feel free to station them anywhere provided they do not interfere with anything.

What is a good floor lamp?

(A).  Brightech Logan-Contemporary Arc Floor Lamp with a marble Base-Over The Couch Hanging Light On Arching Pole – Modern Living Room Lighting Matches Decor and gets;

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Complements-Gold and Brass.

(1).  This unique and elegant masterpiece of art complements any range of decor styles to the admiration of friends, visitors, and loved ones. They have a heavy marble base which makes them very stable indeed that you can place anywhere you so desire.

(2).  It is a great lamp that can stand up over the living room with a special marble base that slides easily under your couch, and its light can telescope the adjustable arc up to 44 inches from the pole to enjoy overhead light. For such purposes like reading, knitting, and other hobbies as well. The heavy base ensures that it is wobbles-free and so safe from children and pets. Rooms with high ceilings are a good fit because of its 76-inch pole for overall illumination.

(3).  This lamp is so elegantly crafted that it can open at the top and bottom and so it works as an uplight or downlight. This gorgeous linen cylindrical lampshade measures approximately 19 inches in diameter and 22 inches in height.

(4).  It has a twenty thousand (20 000) hour life and also saves energy thereby reducing electricity tariffs and produces little or no heat at all. For these reasons, it outlasts energy burning halogen or any incandescent bulbs, though its bulbs are not dimmable. Assuredly however is the fact that you will never have to replace a bulb because they are power-saving LED bulbs.

(5).  They come with a three-year warranty which is inarguably a testament to their durability. However, if for any reason, you are dissatisfied with the product, do contact the suppliers whose primary concern is your satisfaction at all times and they shall make it right.
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(B).  Brightech Trilage Arc Floor Lamp With Marble Base-Three Lights Hanging Over The Couch from Behind-Multi Head Arching Tree Lamp-for Mid Century, Modern and Contemporary Times.

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(1). It enables you to enjoy your reading or other hobbies in the living room while its bright lights curve over the sofa. Additionally, it has a three-way switch that allows you to turn off or on any of the three bulbs, and its pretty marble base can easily slide under the couch where space is limited or show off the marble if there is enough space. How much space you got would determine this.


(2). This lamp is adorned with three hanging lamp shades like a tree’s branches and they are all at different heights and thus they create efficient overhead light for a large area. The curved arms rise to a height of about 74 inches which makes them a worthy addition to the beautification of any room. It is also suitable for modern, mid-century, and contemporary decor.


(3). The three adjustable arms create a tall and large standing lamp and each of these arms can be moved from side to side so that you can position the light where you want, convenient for a sectional or modular couch and thereby creating a presence in a large lamp.


Additionally, it has a four setting switch on the main pole to turn on one or two or even all three lamps at once. This provides ambiance and mood lighting as well as light bright enough for reading and whatever else without dimming. It is also certified by UL, a regulatory body, which is proof of its safety.


(4). Each of the included LED bulbs it comes with has twenty thousand(20 000) hour life. They consequently do not just save energy, but also money as they can last for up to twenty years without burning out with average use. It does not produce much heat and by this, it outlasts energy wasting halogen CFL or any incandescent bulbs.


(5). It is covered with a three-year warranty and so defective products can be returned for a complete refund or free maintenance during this period.

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(C).  Adesso Home 4249-21 Translational One Light Floor Lamp from Bowery Collection in Brass Finish, 48.00 inches, 1-Arm, Antique Bronze.


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(1). It also, like all good lamps, produces overhead lighting that can be controlled with an adjustable shade.

(2). This lamp bears bulbs that are compliant to all health regulations by not containing any harmful substances like mercury or lead and so it is UL certified for safety.

(3). The accompanying heavy base with a diameter of about eleven inches accords its stability and hence it wobbles-free against pets or children.

(4). It adds beauty and aesthetics to our homes to the marvel of visitors and friends alike especially considering that the lights can be adjusted to taste.

(5). The lamp is designed so beautifully that it can serve as a gift item which without a doubt will be most appreciated by the recipients.
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(D). Tiffany Style Torchiere Light Floor Standing Lamp Wide 12 inches, Tall sixty-six inches Sea Blue Stained Glass Crystal Bead Dragonfly Lampshade for Living Rooms and Bedrooms.

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(1). It is also certified by UL, an electric appliance regulatory body in the United States, which in effect is a testament to its quality and safety.

(2). The beauty of its features due to special handcraft makes it a perfect gift item to friends and loved ones. It is also a beautiful decoration for the living room, bedroom, office, kids’ room, or even a college dorm.

(3). That it is designed from the best and purest materials available confers on its rare durability for long while still retaining its attraction.

(4). It is covered by a three-month guarantee and twenty-four-month warranty despite twenty-four hours of service every day which is sufficient proof of its quality.

(5). The lamp comes in a bronze color and stained glass lampshade which is easy to assemble and clean with the use of any fresh towel or piece of cloth.

(6). The light angle of the Tiffany floor lamp shade can be readily adjusted to conform to our tastes.
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(E).  Floor Lamp CHIPHY 61 inches Tall Lamp for Living Rooms, 10 Levels Dimmable and Adjustable Colour Temperature 12/2 LED Bulbs and White Fabric Shade with Remote Control.

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(1). It is a safe night light that you can turn off by the use of a remote and it glows like a firefly luminescence on doing so with the remote. Furthermore, its light is faint and soft which you can also turn off by the footswitch easily. The brightness and color temperature of its smart bulbs are adjustable to add some soft ambiance to your darkroom during watching television or talking.

(2). This lamp is guaranteed to create a homey atmosphere and hence match with any decor. It comes with two 12 Watts bulbs which offer a pleasant warm light for your room that glows soft and gentle. This lamp fancifully complements your room with its delicate appearance.

(3). The remote controller enables you to adjust more functions like the two smart bulbs of the standing light together or even separately. Additionally, it has a timer with options of either thirty(30) or sixty(60) minutes.

(5). It is easy to assemble and dismantle according to the instructions booklet in the supply pack in a step by step procedure.

(6). Finally, the lamp is constructed from refined and sturdy materials which makes it admirably more durable than other similar products.

(7). The beauty of its design due to the time taken to produce certainly makes it worthy of presentation to loved ones and friends.
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(F).  HROOME Cool Tall Decorative Floor Lamp Standing Lights Adjustable Corner Reading for Kids Bedroom, Office with a Wooden Swing Arm Lamps-LED Bulb Included.

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(1). It has a modern cool wood floor that is appropriate for living room decoration and unique design providing your home or office with a mid-century modern look and appeal.

(2). Its tall feature, which is more than five feet, overreaches the living room table, desks couch, window corner, or kitchen interior and for this reason, it can be used as an arc lamp to hang over your sofa, armchair, desk book-shelf or as a perfectly wooden environment decor. It is not very heavy which implies that it is easy to move around to where light is needed most. The convenient hand switch button allows you to easily tap the lamp on and off.

(3). The lamp is easy to assemble and dismantle since it comes with an instruction guide book for this purpose. The lamp also has a one-foot slide back and forth on a track and is tightened into place to allow you to create different positions.

(4). It comes with a cool white LED bulb, electric socket(E26). It is also complemented with a stylish plywood body, base, and a fabric shade. The plywood base is made from more durable sources and the fashionable cord color is meant to match that of the wood nicely.

(5). It is adjudged risk free and is covered with lengthy guarantee and warranty agreements to ensure customer satisfaction always. For any complaints about the products, please do not hesitate therefore to contact the suppliers who are always there to make things right for you.




What Is A Good Floor Lamp For A  Bedroom

We have certainly regaled you with all the features and qualities of a good floor lamp and also where to get such without stress covered with friendly customer terms. The issue of making the correct choices, therefore, has been simplified. The knowledge of how, where, and why we should purchase good lighting for our homes, offices, and schools become something of paramount importance if we remember that most people with different eye defects acquire such from reading or working in poor lights. It will do us a wealth of good if we should put this knowledge to good use, lest we come down with avoidable sight complaints.

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