Should I Have Rugs in My Room?

Back in the days, beautifying and maintaining the home was something of little importance. The fact that there is something called home to which we could come home to was all that mattered with little exception to our bedrooms.

Nonetheless, with the seemingly and unending growth of the world, a high degree of our energy and effort have been enacted into making our homes and more specifically our bedrooms to a standardized level of maximum comfort.

Evidently, with the new invention of some gorgeous, tantalizing, and jaw-dropping room accessories, the definition of the word rest, seems to be fascinating.

And one of these fascinating accessories is the use of rugs which is now commonly used in bedrooms. Rugs are known and appreciated for their soft and cozy nature use in bringing comfort to rooms. So in answering the question above?

Should I Have Rugs in My Room?

The answer is YES.

Rugs bring out the personality and beauty of the bedroom. You should add a rug to your bedroom to;

1. To keep the room cozy

As earlier stated, you need rugs to add coziness to your bedroom. Those soft and eye-catching beauties are one of the things you need to get your room to look glamour.

Included in the list of reasons why you should get a rug is that they cause our feet to be warm. You know that feeling when you get up in the morning and place your feet on a tiled floor letting the cold get to you so hard? No one likes that. So imagine having a rug underneath your feet the instant you’re awake?

Heavenly right? This is one reason why you should use rugs in your bedroom.

2. Protection

In the aspect of protection, rugs are the best to be used in protecting the floors of your bedroom. A situation where there are wooden floors, expect to see some marks and scuff that can hinder the beauty of such floors.

So why should you need a rug? You need a rug to protect such kind of floors from getting affected in any way. The usefulness of rugs can’t be overemphasized. They are perfect from shielding floors from permanent marks, dirt, and even scuff.

3. They are exquisite

Have you seen those Hollywood movies where rugs are used in adorning and beautifying a bedroom? Don’t you love it?

Aside from comfort acting as protection, they are exquisitely used to bring out the patterns and looks of the bedroom. You can do away with a few things in the bedroom but excluding a rug shouldn’t be one of them cause you’ll be missing a lot.

4. They absorb sound

There are times you walk across your bedroom and can’t help but hear some noises produced by the fancy flip flops you put on. The only way to put a stop to this is by using a rug in the bedroom.

Rugs make a room to become less noisy and comfortable without hearing a single noise.

5. Less maintenance

No one loves the rigor of having to clean bare floored rooms from time to time. Having stains in an area that is open can be pretty embarrassing. More so, you wouldn’t feel comfortable opening your rooms to your friends.

That is why rugs should be used in bedrooms. Decorating your bedroom with rugs makes it really easy to maintain. With just a vacuum cleaner, you can easily take out dirt and not having to scrub the floor at all times to remove stains and keep the bedroom exceptionally clean all the time.

6. Warmth

One of the best home decors that give warmth is the rug. Sometimes, you don’t get that feeling to want to lay on the bed and rest from the hassles and tussles. You could find the rug to be useful at that point.

Should i Have Rugs in My Room?

Rather than going straight to the bed to lay, you could just get a throw pillow or a normal pillow, place it on the rug to rest or to sleep. I promise you, the warmth you will get from this would certainly make you so cozy.


What Size Of Rug Should I Get for My Bedroom?

Getting the right size of the rug for your bedroom may seem stressful. Well, it isn’t as stressful as it looks. First, is your bedroom large or small? Secondly, do you want a full-size rug or a half size rug? Thirdly, where do you want the rug to be placed?

The placement of the rug should determine what size of rug you aim at. Once you’ve discovered where you want the rug to be, then you can provide answers to the questions above.

The moment you identify which direction you want the rug to be, then you can start figuring out the size and design of the rug you aim towards.

After accomplishing all these, then you’ll;

1. Take the necessary measurements

Once you’ve located the exact location you want the rug to be, then the measurement should be taken. You’ll be needing the measurements to accurately get the perfect size of the rug for that location.

Another way to do this is by looking up on Amazon for the rugs that would fit into that location you’ve selected for it. So without having to take a measurement, you can just pick any rug made specifically for that place you intend to place it.

2. Style and patterns

Plain rugs do not completely bring out the elegance in a bedroom. Not like they ain’t cool. They definitely are but rugs with a touch of style and patterns are the best for bedrooms.

Get fur, wool, silk, cotton type of rug. There are even more types for bedroom rugs with really nice styles and patterns. The important thing is knowing the direction it would be placed and the size of the rug you want to purchase for that location.


What Type of Rug is Best for Bedroom?

Knowing you want something and not knowing what exact material you want in that item can be devastating. At such you tend to look for help so you don’t purchase something you wouldn’t love at the end of the day.

This is the same with rugs. You want to get one and you’ve figured out its placement but you’re aren’t sure of the right rug to buy mainly because you don’t know which is best for the bedroom.

Well, we’re here to help you out.

1. Polyester Rug

Polyester is a rug type that makes the feet feel really comfy on the ground. Though they’re less expensive compared to some of the rugs we’ve got, however, they’re one of the best rugs for the bedroom. They may not look so durable but are perfect to be used on the floor.

Some of the features of this rug include softness, lightness, and being able to absorb sounds easily.

2. Nylon

Nylon has inscribed its name in the rooms of millions of people out there. The reason being that it is one of the most used rugs used on earth.

Without saying much, we can affirm that nylon materials are seen everywhere and are less expensive. It gives the bedroom a glow to bring out the furniture and style that adores the room.

3. Faux fur

Faux fur is one of the commonly used rugs that have worn the hearts of all. They make one’s feet relaxed. Faux fur is mostly used for cozy chairs but is also used in producing rugs that bring finesse and a unique spark to a bedroom.

4. Silk

Silk is nicely made to inculcate class into a bedroom. Quite expensive but classy and tush to raw perfection. As expensive as it is, it mustn’t be placed in a place that it can easily be ruined. Such types of rugs are found in the bed or underneath it.

5. Wool

Wool rugs are charmers that can easily enhance the interiors of the bedroom. Such rugs are long-lasting and quite expensive but serve its purpose of dazzling the room.

6. Shag

The last best rug for the bedroom we’ll be looking at is shag. This rug is usually thick which makes your room floor to become more comfy and durable. Such a rug would give a cozy look to your room. They are stunning and ravishing which blend with the accessories used in the room to look breathtaking.

In conclusion, rugs are a vital part of the bedroom. Just like the body is made up of different parts to function responsively, so is a rug required to prettify the irresistible and heavenly looks to which the bedroom would adopt.

In getting a rug, understand what type of rug you want and the location to be placed. The bedroom is appealing and smashing when the rug is inserted in the exact location they should be found, to allow the elegancy to be displayed.

Taking a step to make this a reality would be simply one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

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