How To Set Up Strip Lights In Bedroom – Pro Tips

How To Set Up Strip Lights In Bedroom


Researches have evidently shown that the best aspect of the home is the bedroom. As humans, the inclination and yearning for a serene, cozy, and peaceful environment is an essential facet of our dwelling. This is because the bedroom encapsulates the best moments of our lives as we bask and reflect in the ecstasy of our embodiment.


Moreover, in getting to a level of comfort we so desire in the bedroom, efforts must be imbibed into achieving our dream bedroom. This would involve purchasing bedroom interiors to help beautify the room to standard. Amongst these interiors, the best to be used are stripe lights which are enormously noticeable in the bedroom while at the same time, lighting and elevating the style implored.


               What Are Strip Lights?


Commonly known as LED lights, strip lights are board like circuits that are pliable which are stuffed with diodes. These diodes emit lights all around and are often located at the surface of the strip, in enabling the environment in which it’s being used to lighten the room.


Included in the strip lights are adhesive backing contributing to the brightness that overtakes the bedroom.


Things To Be Considered Before Purchasing A Strip Light


A popularly known trait amongst humans is putting into consideration some essential factors before attempting to purchase a product or an item. No one goes to the mall to get things that wouldn’t be of great importance to their well being. Likewise, the adornment of the bedroom.


Hence, certain things should be put into consideration before purchasing a strip light. These things include;


  1. Length


LED strip lights are produced in certain lengths. They’re either gotten in a longer length or shorter length. In other words, the location and usage of the strip light determine which of the length the individual should focus entirely on. For a bedroom, longer strip length is most appropriate because the longer the strip lights, the brighter and fanciful the bedroom becomes.


  1. Wiring/Mounting


Back in the days, fixing of such lights seemed a bit tedious. As colorful and breathtaking as the strip lights are, they once posed to be a little difficult when it was time for them to be fixed. However, the narrative has been changed.


Strip lights that are being built in this 21st century are comes with easy wiring or mounting. While some are wired round the bedroom, others are mounted easily to the wall. In all, they are easy to install and operate.


  1. Dimmable/Non-dimmable


How do you want your strip lights? Dimmable or non-dimmable? The chosen colors would infiltrate the nature of lighting you may want the bedroom to adopt. Nonetheless, there are brands that have both features in one strip. That is, the strip lights can be adjusted to become dimmable or non-dimmable. The choice is yours.


  1. Colour


LED strip lights can be found in different colors or a mixture of colors. How do you want the bedroom to be lit with such a light? Do you want it mild or loud? Do you want a particular type of strip light color or lights with all colors intertwined into one?


Other aspects of color to be looked into when searching for one are warm, neutral, and cool white colors.

What are warm strip light colors?


Warm white colors are the dominant colors that exist in the home which is supplemented with other mild colors. Such a color is implemented to ensure the coziness of the bedroom which serves different purposes or functions.


What are neutral strip light colors?


By neutral, we’re referring to colors that are natural. They aren’t as white as the warm white colors but are a perfect pictorial of how the daylight looks like. It is best placed in the bedroom to strike a balance between natural daylight and the interiors used in bringing a captivating look within the bedroom.


What are cool white strip lights colors?


Such type of color accentuates the modernized outlook and patterns in which the bedroom is being decorated. Cool white strip lights are usually bright like our headlights to make items in the bedroom to be well seen and easily locatable.


Now, which of the following color scheme would you want to implore?


The few product reviews below would do justice to the aforementioned question, giving you the appropriate solution to your needs.


How To Set Up Strip Lights In Bedroom


The easiest method to set up strip lights in the bedroom is what will be discussed below.


Process 1




Foremost, you clean the surrounding area where the strip lights are to be installed by using a clean piece of dry rag. As mentioned, you’re to use dry rag only and not a wet rag. Please note the difference.


Cleaning of the surrounding area is a prerequisite to allowing the easy permissible of the strip light such that it doesn’t pull off easily.


Process 2


Unpackaged the strip light


After cleaning the area where it would be installed, the next process would be to take off the strip lights from the packaging box. Attached to the light is an adhesive tape that is needed for the strip light to rest on. Take away the tape and place it on the area that has been cleaned.


There’s a little twist to this. In the things to be considered when purchasing a strip light, it was stipulated that strip lights are longer or shorter in length. If you are to purchase a shorter one without having the mindset to extend it around the bedroom, then you’re good to go.


However, if you are to purchase a longer strip light with the mindset of splitting it around the bedroom, then this is the perfect time to cut the light into two (2) parts. To connect the second part to the wall, you’ll be needing a separate controller to connect the strip to the socket.


Process 3


Paste on the surrounding area


Now it’s time to get the strip light pasted to the area you’ve cleaned and prepared for lighting of the bedroom. Ensure it is done in a slow and steady way so you don’t in anyway, ruin the adhesive tape already put in place for the pasting.


Process 4


Connect the strip light to a socket


All LED strip lights are powered by an adapter which in turn is connected to the socket. If you’re done pasting the strip light on the wall or the surface where you desire it to be, you can then take a hold of the controller and the strip light to link them together.


After linking, you connect both to the adapter and finally connect the adapter to the socket.


Please Note;


For strips with a mixture of colors, get a hold of the remote control to switch between the colors to any that would suit your bedroom or mood at that moment in time. Also, the usage of the remote isn’t imminent. First, the insulation of the battery that is attached must be unplugged to fully begin usage.


Lastly, we’ll be discussing areas that have rough edges or surfaces. This is where strip light clips come into place. Mounting clips are the ideal clip for supporting strip light on the rough edges or surface.


      Best Strip LED Lights On Amazon


  1. Nexillumi 65.6ft LED Strip Lights.


This is a brand that illuminates the pattern, designs and the tone adopted in the bedroom. Nexillumi will floor the designating appearance of your room.




  1. Easy to operate with its control system


Nexillumi built the strip lights in ways that it can be controlled by the users. Some of the ways include the adjustment of the light from becoming dimmable to non-dimmable, the ability to switch between colors and music mode, and lastly, an inbuilt mic located around the remote control.


  1. Mounting items


The packaging box contains mounting items for easy placing of the strip light on the wall or surface. All that is required to do is to fix the light with the mounting clips made available.


  1. Music mode


What a fascinating feature. Unlike most strip lights that are built to display just lights, Nexillumi is more than what meets the eyes. Included to this lighting strip is music sync which changes beats as the light changes.




  1. It is easy to use
  2. It is bright
  3. It is inexpensive
  4. It is durable and long-lasting
  5. It gives value for money
  6. It comes with a remote




  1. Not waterproof


  1. Micomlan 82 Ft/25m LED Strip Lights


Micomlan’s mission is to serve its users with better quality lighting systems that complement any bedroom interiors or decorations. Light up your room with Micomlan strip lights for a Splendiferous look.




  1. Multipurpose strip light


A feature that strip light has in common is the ability to carry out specific purposes contributing greatly to the accentuation of the bedroom. It includes music sync, mixture of colors, and the mic model feature. All of these combined together opiate the glamour inherent in the room.


  1. Easy to operate


No stress, no hassle. The strip light can easily be mounted within a couple of minutes. Alongside, the strip light can be cut into parts thereby giving you the privilege to fix with extra connectors in different parts of the bedroom.


  1. Durable and long-lasting


Ever wondered why such lights last for a long period of time while at the same time withstanding pressure? Quite simple. Micomlan strip light lasts for 50000 hours. Cool right? At such, you needless fidget on the strip lights going bad because honestly, they wouldn’t till they’ve exhausted their life span. Please note that maintenance culture should be imbibed into caring and preventing the strip lights from being burned.




  1. It is inexpensive
  2. It comes with 3 button control
  3. Easy to mount
  4. It gives you value for your money
  5. It is bright
  6. Excellent quality light




  1. Not waterproof


Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LightStrip Plus Dimmable LED Smart Light 


For a brand that has consistently been delivering quality lighting products and services, much is to be expected. Philip Hue is a brand that dwells on fulfilling our bedroom desires into becoming an astounding and explicit room, rightly designed to make every night count with strip light oozing its magic.




  1. Gives a bubbling feeling to the bedroom


Flood your bedroom with strip light to give you memorable experiences when gaming or watching movies with friends or family. There’s no better way to bond than this.


  1. Technology meets reality


Generally speaking, technology has impacted our lives in ways that seem unfathomable. This has played out with Philip Hue lighting services. The strip light is manufactured to be inclined to the routines and patterns of the lighting system it is accustom to, regardless if the Wi-Fi is turned on or not. Brilliant right? It sure is.


  1. Control features


Philip Hue has given all of its users the advantages or in a more subtle term, the privileges, of having to be totally in control of their lighting system. It necessarily doesn’t matter where you are, from your standing point, you can turn on/off the strip light with your smartphone. One more privilege is that you can time the lighting and even changing the pattern regardless of your absence.


  1. Pairing devices


Pairing your strip light with other devices is permitted. With the help of our phones and the internet, the Philip Hue strip light can be paired with devices such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and a few other required devices.




  1. It is inexpensive
  2. It comes in different strip colors
  3. It can be paired with other devices
  4. It is easy to mount
  5. It is durable and long-lasting
  6. They are responsive to the remote




  1. It doesn’t come with a bridge
  2. No hue hub


In conclusion, strip light is the perfect bedroom lighting to regal and embellish the four walls of the room in accordance with their mesmerizing beauty which is more than enough to turn the bedroom into an enchanting paradise.


From the reviews above, simply click on the links of any you find desirable and stunning.


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