How to Make Your Bed Cozy for Kids

How to Make Your Bed Cozy for Kids

The bond between a parent and her kids is unexplainable and unbreakable. Right from birth, there’s this attachment that births unending closure. We often place our kids first before ourselves as a result of the love we’ve grown towards them.

From providing, caring, loving, and understanding them, we go as far as
coiling up on the bed with them which goes to strengthen the bond more and more.

But the bad news is, not all beds are cozy for kids to lay on. They truly may want to spend some bond up time with dad and mum but the scenario of the room and the bed may not look pleasant and cozy for them to want to sleep on.


How to Make Your Bed Cozy for Kids

Children are attracted to eye-catching things that add color, style, and prestige to a bedroom. The sight of such would make them want to spend any spare moments with their parents. So we’re going to look at these things that glue them to your bed for the rest of their lives.


1. Lightening

Kids fancy lightening so much that they wouldn’t mind going close and even wanting to play with the bedroom lights. If the bedroom is lighted with colorful lights that unveils the finesse and poise of the room, you’ve worn them over.

It is this lighting that would help lure your kids into wanting to sleep on your bed. To make it more interesting, you can order some fanciful lighting use in children’s rooms. Such that, when they’re right in your room, you can turn it on for them to so they can feel all cozy on the bed.


2. Bed

The bed is what you can use to get your kids to sleep on your bed with you. So forty percent of the attention you’re to give to your bedroom should be for the bed. If your bed isn’t looking attractive and dashing, there’s every possibility that you can’t get kids to come in.

What am I to do? Here’s what you can simply do to make your bed cozy for them.

You startup with the right mattress. Children are prone to mattresses that are way too strong such as orthopedic mattresses. Their first instinct aside sleeping on it is to jump on the bed as they go about playing. A not so strong mattress should be perfect to make them feel cozy.


3. Bedsheets

Kids are fascinated by colors. Anything that’s colorful can get their full attention. For the bedsheets, it should comprise of colors that would enrapture and tickle their fancy.

Bedsheets that have different colors on them would be your best bet to trick them into laying on your bed.

Or you could do it this way. How about getting bed sheets of their favorite cartoon characters? Oh yes! So if they want to sleep on the bed, you can quickly take off the bed sheets you’re using and replace them with that of their favorite cartoon characters. I promise you, they wouldn’t hesitate to come to spend the night with you due to the cozy feeling they will be getting from the bed.


4. Duvets

Kids love duvets to wrap their bodies in. This would be perfect for winter. You can take off your personal duvet and use a kid-like duvet to keep them warm and cozy as they coil next to you with their arms around your body.

You can as well adopt that same ideology I mentioned earlier. Getting something with their favorite cartoon characters and using it on them each time they are willing to sleep on the bed with you.


5. Throw pillows

If you want to send them frenzy, get throw pillows. Oh, how they are going to simply love and adore this. This will be their inspiration to come to your bedroom and feel the coziness right on the bed.

Believe me, they wouldn’t want to take their hands off these if you’re to purchase such for your bed. Kids go after things they can play with and hold onto while sleeping. Throw pillows will get them on your bed from time to time as the case may be without cajoling them to sleep on the bed.


6. Headboard

A replica of what kids see in cartoons is certainly what they expect to see in reality. They necessarily don’t want to be told otherwise. If they aren’t saying what they see in their movies, they would feel dejected.

For instance, in a cartoon where there’s royalty and they see those huge beds with a kingly headboard, they would suddenly start having expectations for it. At that moment, the parents are questioned on why they simply can’t get one for them. I know some of us can relate to this.

So what are we saying in essence?

That headboard should be included in the bed to bring that feeling of royalty to your bedroom. With this, your kids would be so elated with the imagination of being in a real castle with a real bed of a prince or princess.

Also, be mindful of the kind of headboard you want to get in your room. A plain headboard would be cool but won’t be cool to the kids. We’ve got plush, sophisticated, and stylish headboards with nice designs.


7. Drawers

Another way to make your bed cozy for kids is by adding drawers to both sides of the bed. Drawers adding fitting to a bedroom which in turn adds coziness to your bed.


8. Lamps

With drawers, comes a lamp. It’s saddening that so many persons do not know the value of a lamp on a drawer. Lamps create something magical in a room. Kids are definitely going to love this.

If you want to make it more glamorous, then you can get lamps of different colors. When on, they tend to display several colors at a time which would keep kids warm and pretty cozy as they get ready to sleep.


9. Fur

Ready to welcome your kids to the bed all day, then add a faux fur to your bedding set. Fur feels really good on the skin and they make you all warm and cozy.

It would be nice to have the kids experience this same feeling as well. Faux fur creates coziness. You want to get the kids to sleep and have beautiful and wonderful memories, then add fur to take coziness to a step further.


10. Canopy

A kid won’t see a canopy hanging down from the ceiling onto the bed without loving it. Canopies are adorable covering that turns the bed to that of a king’s bedroom.

To make it even spicier, get some disco lights, use the lights around the canopy, and connect to a switch. In this way, you can turn it off whenever you deem fit.

I don’t think your kids would like this idea but I am so certain that they would love the idea. You, on the other hand, would be surprised at the beautiful scenery a canopy covered in lights would surely emit. I bet your kids wouldn’t want to go sleep on their beds again.


11. Floor rug

Floor rugs attached to a bed speaks elegance and coziness. They’re most times placed very close to where the bed is located for the purpose of placing our legs on it.

So when your kids are awake, rather than placing their legs on a floor which would be so cold, the floor rug would be the best to place one’s leg on. While waiting for their brain to booth from their drowsiness, the floor rug would keep their feet warm pending when they make the decision to make a move.


12. Bed warmer

A cozy bed accessory won’t be complete if a bed warmer is missing. Modern bed warmers have been in vogue for a long period of time. They’re one of the best for bringing coziness and making a bed warm.

With this bed warmer, your kids won’t have issues sleeping on your bed.


How do you get the perfect bed warmer?

Bed warmer varies in terms of price, quality, and value. Search for modern warmers that work effectively without producing any noise.

Moreover, there are ways in which such things work. There are rooms for adjustment in a way that you can decide to set the degree for the temperature that you want in the room.

Since you’ll be dealing with kids, it would be wise to learn how to use the bed warmer so you don’t put your kids health in danger.

I’ll conclude with this. It’s no longer news that kids love things that get them glue and attracted. If you truly want to make your bed really cozy for them, be sure not to take exception in achieving a great result.

With a perfect bed, a perfect sleep is guaranteed for you and your kids.

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