How To Make Log Bedroom Furniture – Simple Steps With Photos

How to make log bedroom furniture

A log bedroom furniture gives your room a rustic and pioneer look which is unique from the mainstream way of styling bedrooms. Moreover, the sturdiness of logs will make your furniture durable and long-lasting; you will keep using it for years regardless of how often it is used.

Making a log bedroom furniture usually involves fitting your bedroom with a log bed frame, log nightstand, log closet, and so on. But most usually stick with a log bed frame because it is the most essential.

You can fit your log bedroom furniture in log cabins, country homes, and mountain lodges because these regions also have some rustic look, so it complements the log furniture.

Also, you will have to determine if you will go with a rugged or sleek finished log furniture, depending on the look you want for your bedroom. Log furniture that is milled by machine and produced massively is the economic one, but if you want a unique style, then you will shop for handcrafted ones, or you can make one yourself so you can have a one-of-a-kind log bedroom furniture.

The best part of making it yourself is that you can make use of any wood for your log bedroom furniture, so there is no limitation. If your region doesn’t have a particular type of wood, then you can opt for the one you come across. Some of the popular woods used include steam-bent hickory, aspen, aromatic red cedar, pine, willow, walnut, northern white cedar.

In this article, we will show you how to make log bedroom furniture all by yourself. We will first focus on building a bed frame; however, this is more suitable for people with prior knowledge of bed building or putting a bed frame together. Then we will focus on building a tree stump table that can be done by anyone. This article is very detailed, so you can easily try it out yourself.


How to make log bedroom furniture

How to make a log bed frame

How to make a log bed frame

This is one of the most paramount log bedroom furniture you should have; without it, then your bedroom won’t be complete. We will offer you a step by step method on how to make this.


Things you will need –

Measuring tape

Straight and curved knife

Forstner bits and drill

Tenons maker

Metal eye hooks

Steel cable





Step 1 – Choose the logs

To make things easier for you, the best log to opt for is a fire-killed tree. Diseased trees are burnt to the ground by wildfire while the healthy ones are left standing but dead. Besides, the fire usually burns away the bark so you won’t have to spend time peeling it off.

You can also visit a river in your area for fallen logs that washed onto the bank. Another way to get logs is to cut down trees; however, it usually takes a long time for it to dry. Besides, in most regions, you will need a permit. We won’t advise you to do this, except you want to mass-produce it. Nevertheless, the easiest way to get logs is to buy them at a sawmill.

Make sure you check the log for rot. Poke it with a screwdriver or any other sharp object you have with you, so you can out the parts that are soft and easily sink when you push the screwdriver into it. If the screwdriver goes more than 1/8″ deep, then that part has started rotting.

Use a chisel to chip out the parts that have rot until you get to solid wood. Use a wood preservative on the chipped part. Make sure the wood preservative is the water-soluble type because it will be a borate compound, and this will protect the log from wood-decomposing organisms such as termites, by eliminating the log as a food source. Besides, the wood preservative won’t discolor your log so it will still look perfect. Now, use wood epoxy to cover the area.


Step 2 – Saw the logs

The next step is to saw the log into the lengths you want. You can saw 2-4 foot posts and 2-3 foot posts for the ends of the headboard, legs, and footboard. These should be sawed from logs that are sturdy and large.


Step 3 – Saw the rails

Now you will need to saw 4 rails that will be used to separate the posts. Before sawing the rails, you have to measure the width of the mattress you will use on the bed frame. Cut the rails with an additional 1 inch. The 1 inch will be used to cut the rail’s tenons that will fit into the posts.


Step 3 – Cut the spindles

The spindles are what you will put between the rails of the footboard and the headboard. The spindles have to be 36-inch long for the headboard, and the footboard should be 24-inch long. The number of spindles you will be using depends on the size of your bed.


Step 4 – Remove the bark of the logs and shape it.

How to make log bedroom furniture

If the logs still have their bark on them, you will have to remove it with a drawknife, and you will also use it to shape the logs. You will set the blades of the drawknives on the log and pull it towards you. To remove the bark, you will need a curved drawknife, and to shape the log you will need a straight drawknife.


Step 5 – Form tenons

How to make log bedroom furniture

You will be forming the tenons on both the spindles and rails. You will need a tenon maker that attaches to a drill to form tenons. However, you can make use of a drawknife if you don’t have a tenon maker.


Step 6 – Carve out mortises

How to make log bedroom furniture

You will need Forstner bits and a drill. The Forstner bits will be used to drill flat-bottomed holes that are large enough for tenons to fit inside. The mortise for the headboard will be 9 inches and 44 inches from the floor. The footboard will have mortises of 9 inches and 32 inches.

For the bottom bed rail, the mortises will be drilled at 5 inches above the floor in all the 4 posts of the bed. The top bed rail will be drilled 13 inches from the floor.


Step 7 – Use the metal eye hook and the cable

On each of the posts, you will attach a metal eye hook at 12 inches above the floor. The metal eye hooks allow you to stretch the cable between the head post (right) and foot post (left), and then the other head post (left) and the foot post (right), so the cables will be connected diagonally. To tighten the cables, use turnbuckles at the centers of the cables so as to hold the bed together.


Step 8 – Notch the bed rails

Each of the bed rails will be notched near the head and foot. This will allow the box spring to fit perfectly on them without slipping.


Step 9 – Stain and paint the logs

To protect the log, you should stain it. After staining it, you can also choose to paint it. Make sure the color you choose is your favorite or a color that complements your room, also make sure it’s a color you will still love after several months or years. Changing the color of your bed frame several times can be a bit challenging. Also, try choosing a stain that is light because stains get darker after the second coat.


Step 10 – Place the box spring and mattress

You can now place the box spring and the mattress on your bed frame. You have now finished making a log bedroom furniture, and you can now sleep on this log bed frame and have a great sleep.


How to make a bedside tree stump table

How to make a bedside tree stump table

When making a log bedroom furniture, you will also need a nightstand. However, making a nightstand can be a bit challenging, so you can just stick with a tree stump table. Make sure you opt for a large stump so that you can place a lot of things on it.


Things you will need –

A package of steel table legs (6 inches)

Sandpaper for medium and fine grit


Prybar and hammer

Measuring tape

A pencil or marker



Step 1 – Get a stump

 How to make log bedroom furniture


You can get a stump from a sawmill. Make sure it is very thick because the thicker it is, the more space you’ll have for putting things on it. Also, the steel table legs are 6 inches, so make sure the log and the legs have to be at the height of your bed, or 1-2 inches taller than your bed, so that if you were to stretch your hands, you will be able to turn off the alarm or pick something from it.


Step 2 – Let the stump get dry

You can leave it outside to dry for at least a month. This will allow it to lose several pounds and also make the bark loosen. When you bring it inside, you can still leave it for a couple of weeks. However, if you bought it from a place where it has already been dried, then there is no need to dry it, just put it inside for some weeks.


Step 3 – Remove the bark











You can use a wood chisel, but it’s very sharp, so be gentle when removing the bark, or else you might end up cutting the fibers between the stump and bark. If you don’t have a wood chisel, then you will need a prybar and hammer. Place the prybar between the bark and the stump, then hit the hammer on the prybar until the bark loosen. You can keep using the prybar to loosen the bark or you can use your hands if it comes off easily.


Step 4 – Smoothen the stump

The sandpaper will be used to smoothen the stump. Make sure all the hairs come off. To ascertain its smoothness, run your fingers on it. You can use a variety of sandpapers until you find the one you like. Once it is smooth, dry it with a damp and lint-free cloth.


Step 5 – Drill the stump

Place the legs on the bottom of the stump. You can use 3 or 4 legs depending on the size of the stump. Measure the distance between each of these legs and make sure they are equal. Each of the legs has a bracket with a hole where the screw will be. Mark the holes with a marker or pencil. Now, remove the legs and drill the holes where the screws will be. When you are done, screw the legs onto the stump.


Step 6 – Apply a finish on the stump

Applying a finish on the stump will protect it from absorbing moisture, dirt, and oil. Protecting your stump with a finish will safeguard it for years and make the stump have a nice appearance. Moreover, if some parts look more sunken than the rest, you can apply more stains on it to give it a darker look, thereby adding to its style.

If you are going be using a sprayer to spray the finish, the vanish and catalyzed lacquer are the most durable to use. However, if you will be applying the finish by hand, then you will need oil-based polyurethane. Whichever one you choose to opt for will still do the job well.

Your tree stump table is ready for use. You can put whatever you want on it, especially things you know you will need the moment you wake up.


Maintenance of bedroom log furniture

Your bedroom log furniture requires light dusting so it can keep having a nice lock. When you notice stains, you can use a wood soap to clean off the stain. If you don’t have a wood soap, you can make use of detergent and water solution instead. If a finish isn’t applied to your log, especially if you have a log tree stump table, you will need to wash it frequently with mild soap or detergent and water.



An issue that several people complain about is cracked logs. You don’t need to worry if the logs you want to use for your bedroom furniture have cracks. It is normal for dry wood to have cracks. Your log will still last for a very long time.

Making a log bedroom furniture is a bit time consuming, but it is worth it. Apart from adding unique pieces of furniture to your bedroom, making things with your hand is fun.



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