How to Make a Guest Room Cozy

How To Make a Guest Room Cozy

How To Make a Guest Room Cozy

The first thing that comes to mind when designing a guest room is making the guest feel at home, and you start to think of how the room can be very comfortable and cozy to the person. Making a room cozy goes beyond blankets and bedsheets, people have different tastes when to comes to room designs and room designs can be so intense that some people can’t sleep if there are or aren’t specific features in the rooms they sleep.


One may say that organizing or designing a guest room is usually harder and requires more work and harder thinking than when you’re organizing a room for yourself and this is because you know what you want your room to look like and also know the various features you want to see in your bedroom. If you want your guest room to be great and you also want them to feel at home at the same time, this is the right article for you.

What is a cozy room?
A cozy room is a room that is comfortable and usually at a very mild and soothing temperature. A cozy room is one which gives physical comfort, satisfactory and sufficient enough for someone to stay.

What makes a cozy room?
As stated earlier, different people have different tastes and if we were to ask people what they thought a cozy room to them was, there would be a lot of conflicting ideas and also similar ideas. That’s why this question is a very tough question to be answered in a general sense.

What makes a room cozy is that feeling of comfort and relief and also warmth when you’re in the room. There are so many materials that can add to the comfort of a room like; A considerable number of pillows, A nice feeling underfoot rug carpet, some green plant, and proper lighting can also do the trick. Well, talk about other things that can add to the comfort of a room in later paragraphs.

A third of our day is usually spent in our bedrooms if not more. This is because the average human sleeps for 8 hours per day and it isn’t just when we want to sleep that we come into the room, some people can remain in their rooms for a whole day as far as they get their basic needs for the day. And for this reason, a lot of time and energy is put into the design and arrangement of the room to make it cozy enough to stay in. The same thing is supposed to be considered when making plans and arrangements for the guest room.

What do you need to make a guest room cozy?
There are a lot of things that would be required when putting together the design of a guest room. And if you have already put together a guest bedroom and you aren’t satisfied with the outcome and you want to make the room over but you’re unsure of what you need and how to go about it, here is a list of things that always belongs in a guest room;

Mirrors(usually big mirrors);

When you’re away from home and you can’t find proper full-length mirrors, it is very annoying and this is why you must learn from your experience and not allow someone to feel the same way. Putting big mirrors in rooms doesn’t just come in handy only when the guest wants to look at his reflection, it helps to make the room look bigger and makes it feel more spacey. If you don’t have a proper spot to put the mirror, you can always put a narrow one behind a door.

Little Art Display
Placing art in a room can give a look of purposefulness and togetherness. Using the same frame for the drawings or paintings can create a look of uniformity. When purchasing art you can try good looking movie posters, vintage art, or art pieces from the same artist, and most of the time word art also does the trick.

Cozy seats
It is always nice to place nice pieces of comfortable seats for the guest to be able to chill and do some activities like reading and just random enjoyment and placing seats can help achieve this feat.

Using Twin Beds(mostly two)
This might sound like something that only kids use in their rooms but it also works for adult rooms because it makes the room look nice and sophisticated. Using the same linen for the bedsheets can also help the room look more coordinated. Then finally you can put a table in between the beds for general use or if you have space you can use more than one table.

Make use of a desk
If you have to deal with little space, a desk can help and this is because it can serve many purposes like being a dresser, can be used as a reading table and the desk can have some valuable items in it to make the guest’s time their stress-free. You can place a mirror on the table to assist the guest in dressing up.

Dressers also come in handy
Dressers in addition to a wardrobe can also come in handy because most times because it gives the guest space to unpack their small items that need to be folded too small to be kept in a wardrobe. You can use one of the spare drawers I the dresser to store towels.

Make a luxurious bed
You can always make the bed of the guest have that luxury look and feel no matter how the setup of the room is. How do you make a bed luxurious? Is what you’ll be wondering, you can make it luxurious by adding throw pillows, a blanket or two, a great bed sheet, and probably a duvet. You can need to purchase extra linen sheets so that you won’t need to wash after each guest’s departure.

Choosing a bold color for the Rooms paint
Making use of bold color in your guest room shouldn’t be something you should be scared of, that should work or you can also use fun and fancy wallpaper. Using colors like blue, green, and ash can be very gorgeous and make the room look welcoming, but if you prefer a more bold look, you can go for an orange, yellow(mostly bright) or even a purple.

Lightings by The bedside
It is always nice to have some bedside light available for your guest, you can also add some table lights or they can even be used as an alternative. You can use lamps or lightings that are pluggable to avoid the stress of installation or any tricky rewiring.

Be sure to make use of the spaces available in the room, see any space in the room as an opportunity to add an extra touch to the room. For example, if you have a bedside table you can a basket underneath it or you can make provision for a wall shelf which would also serve as a unit of storage in the room.

You can create a tech space in the guest room, your guest would probably arrive with different tech devices and would need to use the internet, you can print little flashcards displaying the Wi-Fi password to enable them to have internet access.
You can make arrangements for cups or bottled water for your guest to help them avoid the stress of going to the kitchen at night to get cups or to simply drink water.

A little basket where towels, one-time toothbrushes, toiletries, and other little essential items are kept can be really important, you can also include some light medications incase the guest comes up with a slight headache so they don’t have to go digging through your cabinet for drugs.

The fact that not everyone enjoys waking up early should occur to you and make you put in dark curtains so that the early morning sun wouldn’t discomfort your guest.

Most people enjoy reading a lot and some have even made it a hobby, so it’s important to include some reading materials like storybooks and magazines in the room.

From experience, we would know that slippers aren’t the easiest things to pack when traveling or moving to somewhere so it’ll be nice to make provision for slippers in the room or at least a soft rug.

Make provision for guests to be able to do some laundry especially if they would be staying for a while so they wouldn’t carry dirty clothes back home.

A foul odor can be a very annoying thing so make sure to provide air freshener in your guest room or a diffuser made from a natural oil to combat the bad smell or odor.

Always make sure that there is an extra tissue paper and a plunger in the restroom because they’re very important
By following the above steps you should be able to get the most out of your guest room.

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