How To Light A Bedroom With No Overhead Light

How To Light A Bedroom With No Overhead Light


Most of the time, our expectations are often crushed when we are faced with situations we feel we can’t control. An insight into this can be seen in our surroundings. Sometimes, we tend to move into bedrooms that are dim, lacking overhead light.


Funnily, such a bedroom could be everything we’ve ever dreamed of with regards to space, and the beauty of the room. In another way, it could be far different from what we envisaged. Well, we aren’t here to dash your hope but to restore it.


Lighting a bedroom with less or no overhead light isn’t something that would cost a fortune while at the same time, sapping your energy and time. With just a click to the links we’re going to provide below, your expectations would be meant.

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Let’s look at what overhead light for better understanding.


        What Are Overhead Light?

What Are Overhead Light

Overhead lights are lights that are mostly attached to the ceiling of a room. Such a lighting system is placed in the ceiling to give light to the entire room in a bid to illuminate the whole room while at the same time making the room to become stunning. The absence of this is what we call non-overhead light.


The non-overhead light comes in different forms, designs, and patterns. They are found in track lights, chandelier, recessed lights, pendants, and flush lights. These types of light mentioned above are placed in several places in the ceiling to give better lighting to the bedroom. The essence of having such lights are for lightning purposes round the bedroom.


Features Of Non-overhead Light In The Bedroom


A bedroom with no overhead light has some wonderful features that make it peculiar and attractive. These can be used to decorate the bedroom to give it an appealing look. Another feature of the no overhead light is to bring out the style adopted in the bedroom.


It isn’t enough to keep the lights situated in the ceiling. The bedroom can be lighted with wall and floor lights. Mix matching these with the others would increase the aesthetic of the bedroom.


How To Light A Bedroom With No Overhead Light

Below are ways to light a bedroom with no overhead light


  1. Wall/Sconce lights

How To Light A Bedroom With No Overhead Light

For a room that lacks overhead light, you can use wall lights to brighten it up. By wall light, we’re referring to lights that are inserted into the wall to illuminate every dark corner of the bedroom. You can purchase this wall light below.


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These wall lights are a beauty to behold to grace the pattern of your bedroom as it radiates elegance.


Features & details


  1. Vintage Style


These lights are a blend of the past and the present. It evokes the 20th century looks blended with the modernized vintage style of this 21st century. Perfect for your bedroom.


  1. Solid and Reliable


Produced with the best quality materials used in the production of a solid and reliable light with its holder, which keeps the bulb safe from getting broken.


  1. Adjustable Angle


The one thing I love most about these wall lights is that the light comes with an adjustable head. It could be turned to face upward or downward.



  1. Value for money
  2. Easy to assemble
  3. It can be adjusted
  4. It is inexpensive
  5. It comes with a vintage style



  1. The light isn’t dimmable



  1. Floor light

How To Light A Bedroom With No Overhead Light

Another non-overhead light for your bedroom is floor lights. Such light gives a different appearance and feel to your bedroom in general. It enhances the outlook of your room to make it brighter while at the same time, extolling the style used in decorating the bedroom. Here’s a floor light you can purchase for your room.


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It is absolutely not possible to look at this admirable lamp and not fall madly in love with it. Leonlite industrial floor lamp is what you should get to lighten your bedroom.



  1. Retro Look

Like the former that introduced a vintage style, Leonlite is introducing a retro style to beam the four walls of your room.


  1. Quality

A closer view would show the superior quality material that is used to bring this lamp to reality.


  1. It is sturdy

Do you want a sturdy floor lamp? Here it is. It is sturdy to support its weight.



  1. It is easy to assemble
  2. It has a retro look
  3. It is spectacular
  4. It is inexpensive
  5. It comes with amber glasses



  1. Limited color


  1. String light

How To Light A Bedroom With No Overhead Light

Aside from being a no overhead light, string lights are best used for bedrooms to give cozy look to the bedroom. The feeling hits differently when it used to surround the bed. You can purchase such type of string light below


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Recall twinkle twinkle little star song? That’s how these mesmerizing string lights would twinkle like a star in your bedroom.




  1. 100 Warm Led Lights


There are one hundred lights (100) in the packaging box. These lights are enough to bring sparkles to your bedroom in creating an environment of warmth.


  1. Waterproof and Safe Power


The Led lights do not produce water spill or heat during usage. It works perfectly for both indoor and outdoor use.


  1. Lightweight


The Led light is light weighted for easy decoration round the bedroom or the bed.




  1. Easy to install
  2. It is inexpensive
  3. It comes with 100 led bulbs
  4. Value for money
  5. It brings warmth



  1. The power cord isn’t too long


  1. Chandelier


The chandelier is the heart of all lights. It illuminates not just the entire bedroom but gives it a stylish look to reflect the interiors infused in beautifying the bedroom. Even without an overhead light, the chandelier would certainly fit into the position of the overhead light. Get this gorgeous chandelier light for your below.


Progress Lighting Briarwood Collection Whitewashed Four-Light Farmhouse Chandelier


No overhead light? Here’s an enormous and magnificent chandelier to light up your bedroom all day long.


Features and Details


  1. Coastal Whitewashed Finish


Known to be produced with a coastal whitewashed finish, Progress lighting resonates with the patterns of the bedroom for a perfect glow.


  1. Farmhouse Inspired Design


It is called a farmhouse-inspired design by reason of the warmth and coziness it exhales in the room where it is placed.


  1. Long-lasting


Worried it’s going to get spoilt after some time? Then you shouldn’t. Proper maintenance is required by ensuring nothing comes in contact that may destroy the chandelier. Aside from this, there’s no cause for alarm.




  1. It lightens the whole bedroom
  2. It is easy to install
  3. It is sturdy
  4. The finishing is topnotch
  5. It is long-lasting




  1. The light isn’t a bright white finish


  1. Pendant light

How To Light A Bedroom With No Overhead Light

The pendant light is another set of light that are fused in bedrooms to replace overhead light. In other regions, it is called a suspender or a drop which implies that the light hangs from the ceiling downward. It is done by using a chain or a cord to hold the light to the ceiling.

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This awestruck pendant beats overhead light hands down to strike a luminance balance between this light and others to be installed in the bedroom.


Features and Details


  1. Adjustable height


The height of the pendant can be adjusted at all times. It can be shortened to a certain length to prevent distractions when moving about.


  1. Non-dimmable light


The lights aren’t dimmable but shiny to ensure the whole bedroom is bright enough to carry out some activities.


  1. Easy to install


Melrose pendant light is one light that is easy to install. No difficulties to be encountered.




  1. Not dimmable
  2. The height of the pendant gives room for adjustment
  3. It is sturdy
  4. It gives you value for your money
  5. Quite easy to install


  1. Flush mount light


They’re either called flush mount light or semi-flush light but they all have the same functions. Flush mount lights are lights that are hanged from the ceiling just like a Pendant light. For a room that does not have an overhead light, this and a few others would bring Style to your bedroom.


Check Price on Amazon



Quoizel flush mount ceiling lighting looks just fabulous like a rainbow. When mounted on the way, it radiates the interiors you’ve implored in your room.




  1. Easy to install


The necessary tools or items needed to install this flush mount light can be found in the packaging box. Follow the manual for instruction.


  1. Strong and durable


This flush mount light is strong and durable to remain stagnant on the ceiling without falling off.


  1. Lightweight


Quoizel isn’t a heavy mount light. It is produced to be light-weighted for easy installation. Also, you can change positions if you feel the need to.



  1. It is inexpensive
  2. It is sturdy
  3. Absolutely perfect
  4. Lightweight
  5. It is long-lasting



  1. The junction box is excluded



  1. Table light/Bedroom mirrors

How To Light A Bedroom With No Overhead Light


Lastly, to light a bedroom with no overhead light, table light and bedroom mirror should be gotten. Wondering what the bedroom mirror signify? For a bedroom with no overhead light, using a mirror would reflect the lights within the room to look stunning. You can get both from the links below


On each USB Table Lamp Set of 2 Modern Bedside Desk Lamp 


Just a glance at these beauties will cause you to have a rethink. Table lights beside the bed give you a feeling that is unexplainable. It would stylishly elevate the interiors of your bedroom.


Features and Details


  1. 2 sets of lamp


For such an amount, you stand to get 2 of these gorgeous looking lamps which would be situated at both sides of the bed.


  1. It comes with a USB charging port


When you feel the need to surf the net or scroll your phone, you can easily get access to it while charging.


  1. Choice for safety


It is built with a steel body for safety and alongside, for longevity.




  1. Elegant and versatile
  2. Friendly and convenient
  3. It comes with a charging port
  4. It is easy to assemble
  5. It gives you value for your money




  1. Limited color


In as much as you want to reflect the lighting in your bedroom, you should reflect your looks as well. In bringing out the glamour of the room, this beautiful mirror would display a wonderful being which is you alongside.


Features and details


  1. Exceptional quality


The materials used can’t easily be seen in other bedroom mirrors due to its exceptional quality.


  1. Safe and easy to install


It is produced with great finishes at the edges for protection purposes. Also, fewer difficulties during the installation.


  1. Sophisticated design


Classy design that allows for sophistication enclosed in a solid wood frame.



  1. It is durable
  2. It is classic
  3. It is easy to install
  4. Strong wooden frames
  5. It has quality



  1. The mirror isn’t beveled.


In conclusion, lighting a bedroom with no overhead light requires minimum effort to get things rolling. The different non-overhead light mentioned above is the best substitute for the lack of an overhead light.


Want some for your bedroom? Please go through the links, and choose some gorgeous looking lights for your room.

Buyer’s Guide For Purchasing Non-Overhead Light


  1. Style
  2. Sizes
  3. Types


  1. Style


One unique feature of purchasing products is the style in which the product was produced. The style has become a way of life. It is the Style that makes the product we pay for to be of great importance to us and what it offers as well.


For each non-overhead light, they are produced in different styles and patterns in adding beauty to the bedroom.


  1. Size


The pendant, chandelier, track lights, floor, and wall lamps are found in varying sizes. We’ve got them in smaller sizes and in larger sizes. However, it’ll be determined by how spacious the bedroom is. In some cases, the smaller sizes of non-overhead lights are required while the bigger ones are needed in other cases.


  1. Types


As mentioned, these non-overhead lights are of different brands and types. In all, they serve the same purpose.


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