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How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants In Bedroom

In most bedrooms, there seem to be some challenges, ranging from the decor down to the tiniest of things. Perfection becomes attainable when every detailing that entails the conglomeration of the room is totally upheld to the awe and envision of all.

Challenges sprouts from different angles which must be curtailed so as not to disrupt the beautification of what the bedroom ought to be. Nonetheless, they may seem insignificant but as insignificant as they may seem to you, they could hinder the true facade of your bedroom, from properly highlighting the style inherent.

One of the challenges of the bedroom to be looked at today are sugar ants. According to research, 60% of the bedrooms in the world have sugar ants present in them. Though harmless, but disruptive. They constitute greatly to the upheaval that ravels all the nook and crannies of the room. First, let’s understand what sugar ants are.


What Are Sugar Ants?

Sugar ants are ants that are found in three (2) different types. We have pavement ants, and also pharaoh ants but in all, they comprise of the broad name sugar ants.

They are popularly called sugar ants because they cling to sugary foods and items. Aside from that, they devour other types of food but most importantly, they feast more on sugary foods or sweets. Often times, sugar ants are found within our environment which along the line, find their way into our homes and rooms.

Also, they get foods that are transported to their location for devouring.

Now an individual may be wondering, “how do I get rid of sugar ants in my bedroom”?. Think no more. We’re stretching a helping hand to help you defeat such a challenge for good.


How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants In Bedroom

Back in the years, finding a solution to getting rid of sugar ants wasn’t fully exploited due to a lack of advancement in the researches as well as in technology. However, with the steady growth of the world, overcoming challenges becomes less tip of an iceberg.

Furthermore, getting rid of sugar ants in the bedroom can be attained through two (2) methods which would be looked at extensively. These methods include the natural way of getting rid of sugar ants and the chemical way of getting rid of sugar ants in the bedroom.


The Natural Way

Method 1

1. The use of vinegar

Vinegar highly contains acetic acid that is used in varieties of things. The vinegar is used in cooking, cleaning, and even down to the cleaning of some household products. This same vinegar can be used in the killing of sugar ants from terrorizing the bedroom. All you need do is to get water in addition to the vinegar that would be used.

Get a little amount of vinegar into a spray bottle and add a little amount of water. Ensure the mixture is well mixed such that it isn’t uneven. Then, proceed to spray the mixture in areas where the ants are found. With such a method, say goodbye to sugar ants forever.


Method 2

2. The use of coffee beans

Coffee beans are known to have a strong acidic smell that changes the whole environment. As strong as their smell are, sugar ants stay of from them. Mainly because they cause harm to their skin. Now, get the coffee beans or grounds and place them in different areas of the bedroom where the sugar ants would come in contact with the beans or grounds. Please note, coffee beans that have been used are ideal for such.


Method 3

3. The use of garlic

Aside from using garlic in cooking meals and delicacies, it’s potency can be used in achieving some goals, like getting rid of sugar ants. The smell it oozes is more than enough to get the sugar ants scattered about which would lead to the evacuation of not just the sugar ants alone, but with respect to other types of ants or insects. Now, get some threads and needles. Thread the needle and pass it through the garlic.

Then, knot it at the top and hang the garlic in some specific places where the sugar ants are usually located.


Method 4

4. The use of pepper

We all know how strong peppers are. If they could be that strong when much of it is sprinkled in a meal, how much more when it is directly applied to surrounding places in a bid to chase away sugar ants? This would certainly send the ants into a frenzy. This can be done in two (2) ways.

First, get the pepper and sprinkle it in the places where the sugar ants are located. The second involves a mixture of water and pepper to be sprinkled all around.

Please note, black pepper works better with this.


Method 5

5. The use of salt

The usefulness of salt in the kitchen and in other aspects can’t be exaggerated. In getting rid of sugar ants from the bedroom, salt is needed as one of the natural methods to get them out of the bedroom forever. Get your table salt and gently sprinkle the crannies where such ants can be seen. Just like the former, you can mix the salt with water to sprinkle. But instead of lukewarm water, it is preferable to get hot water in place of the lukewarm water.

Salt mixed with hot water has a higher percentage of working effectively compared to the other.


Method 6

6. The use of Lemon

As mentioned above, sugar ants feast on sugary foods most of the time. By this, they’ve got a dislike for foods or fruits that naturally comes with a bitter or sour taste. Hence, this natural method of getting rid of sugar ants is a pointer to put a permanent end to sugar ants entering your bedroom. Two ways apply here.


The first is cutting the lemon into half. Squeeze each of the half lemons into the sprinkler bottle. Proceed to add water. However, the water should constitute more than half of the whole mixture. Shake gently and sprinkle on the floor or where the ants often reside.

The second involves cutting the lemon. Cut them into parts and keep the chopped lemon into a sprinkler. Mix with water and spray in the bedroom where the sugar ants do gather. Moreover, getting the lemon peel out to be used in chasing off sugar ants works great. Peel it off and place them in different areas of the room where they can easily be perceived by the ants which would put a final stop to their movements.

Please Note;

Sprinkling in areas where the ants are gathered or located isn’t always enough. One best way to get rid of sugar ants with the methods mentioned above is by locating the source where they evaporate from. You can as well proceed to spray the rest parts of the bedroom.

There could be a possibility of the sugar ants entering into the room from other parts of the home. Hence, it is expedient to cut off the source, such that they do not have a means of entering the bedroom or other parts of the house.


The Chemical Way

After going through some of the natural ways to get rid of sugar ants, now it’s time to expatiate on it from the chemical perspective. By chemical, we mean the application of substances having gone through the scientific process to arrive at a point of usage. You can use these products to chase them out completely if you wouldn’t subscribe to the first methods.

Below, are some ant control insecticides to conquer sugar ants from causing a nuisance in the bedroom. Kindly follow through the amazon links for any of the products to be reviewed.

1. Amdro Ant Block Granule,

Check Price Here

Introducing to you is one best insecticide for wiping not just sugar ants, but a variety of ants that do exist. Amdro is the perfect resilient for keeping the bedroom and its vicinity free from the intrusion of ants.


1. Ant killer

Amdro specializes in ridding off ants that cause damages to the room. It works best on them hence, the chemicals combined are mainly for the purpose of attacking ants to prevent them from having their way in our homes and rooms.

2. Effective and durable

I’ve come across quite a number of ant killers that didn’t last up to days. Within a limited period of time, they’ve evaporated into the air thereby becoming impotent. However, with Amdro, much is expected. It brings a barricade between the bedroom and the sugar ants such that entering is highly prohibited

3. Long-lasting

The Amdro ant block bottle span for a minimum of 3 months. Constant usage isn’t necessary for it can be applied within the duration of 3 months with the bottle exceeding a year.


1. Easy to use
2. It works perfectly well on ants
3. Once usage can span for a minimum of 3 months
4. It can kill thousands of ants in a day
5. It is effective
6. It gives value for money


1. It doesn’t work during the rainy season



2. TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Bait Ant Killer

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The number one bedroom ant killer that brings a serene aura free from the constant perturbation of sugar ants is here to grace your room. Terro is one great solution to curtail the incessant interruption of sugar ants in the bedroom.


1. Attracts ants faster

The chemical used in the production of such liquid ant bait has toxic substances that lure the ants to be magnetized to the liquid bait. With its smell, it can kill a handful of ants at a stretch.

2. Stretchy

Wondering how long this liquid bait would serve you? A long period of time. It is produced to be stretchy to allow for consistent usage. In getting rid of sugar ants, a little drop of the Terro liquid bait is all that is required to get the ants out from your bedroom. This should be bought to bring calmness within.

3. 6 in 1

The bait is seen in six different categories. Terro is a brand that is widely known for its superb services in extinguishing ants from the room. With such a product, their extinction becomes paramount.

The 6 in 1 bait can be used simultaneously with the others for the total elimination of all sugar ants. Aside from that, the user may decide to interchange between the 6 baits produced by Terro.


1. The liquid bait contains borax
2. It is stretchy
3. It is quite easy to use without any difficulty
4. It gives value for money
5. It kills ants faster
6. The adhesive is topnotch


1. It could leave a tiny stain on the ground depending on the flooring.


3. RESCUE! Ant Baits – Ant Killer, Indoor Use – 6 Bait Stations

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The brand’s name has done justice to the prior mentioned keyword above. Rescue your bedroom from the unabating intrusion of sugar ants that pops in and out of your room. This brand got a strong smell that can rid such ants from causing menace.


1. Mess-free

Most ant pest control ends up getting the bedroom a bit messy. The beginning seems great but their end product gets the environment soiled. Well, rescue is here to change such a narrative. When in use, the surroundings do not get stained, messed up, or soiled in any way.

2. Effective

Rescue ant bait contains some of the strongest chemicals that deliver exceedingly great in carrying out the purpose to which they were produced. As little as it may seem, it’s effectiveness can’t be overemphasized. Rescue toxic smell can attract hundreds of sugar ants at a stretch. Unlike the majority of the liquid bait we’ve got that aren’t as effective as they ought to be, rescue supersedes such products one hundred times.

3. Fast-acting and bait

Do you want to see results in less than 2 days? Get rescue ant bait. With this brand, sugar ants are deserting your bedroom in less than a week. It does not take a long time in carrying its work. Rescue acts faster with proofs in days. Get this awesome product today to rid your room of sugar ants that has usurped the serenity inherent in the room.


1. It is easy to use
2. No spilling
3. It saves the stress of having to clean the bedroom
4. It is highly effective
5. It gives value for money
6. It doesn’t have an offensive smell


1. To be used indoors alone


4. Bocianelli Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 6 Pack, 2020 Upgraded Pest Repellent, Pest Control Set of Electronic Plug-in Indoor for Pests

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Now, let’s move on to an upgraded system of ridding sugar ants from the bedroom. Bocianelli is a pest repeller that goes with the current flow of technology. Just like we do have air fresheners hung in our bedrooms for a breath of scented air, likewise are some pest controllers produced to dismiss ants from within. And this is what you stand to get from Bocianelli.


1. Safe & Environment Friendly

Being that it is an electric pest controller, it tames the environment with nontoxic substances that could hinder our breath and health. It gives a nice scent when installed with fewer chemicals that may pose to be hazardous in away. If you’re worried about replacing it with a battery, worry not. With light, you’re more than good to go.

2. Easy to use

No stress, no worries. Bocianelli has made living much more comfortable than we ever dreamt about. With a power socket made available, plugging in becomes easier. Get hold of your pest repellent and plug directly to the socket to put an end to sugar ants forever. Please note, for sugar ants, you’re to take the electric repellent close to the ground so ants can inhale its odious smell and be wiped away.

3. Quiet And Effective

No noise, no vibration. This beautiful and effective pest controller works silently without emitting noises that may lead to a lack of sleep. When in use, its presence won’t entirely be felt because it works calmly giving a great ambiance to the room and alongside, eliminating all the sugar ants present in any location of the bedroom.


1. The bocianelli can cover a wide range of the bedroom.
2. It comes with a dual-chip that destroys the brains of the sugar ants rendering them weak and dead.
3. It gives value for money
4. It is powerful and effective
5. It is easy to to use
6. It is harmless and brings warmth to the bedroom


1. The night light can’t be turned off


In conclusion, getting rid of sugar ants in the bedroom doesn’t require much effort to exert the forenamed methods and pest controller to purchase. Get rid of the ants now rather than letting them get a toll on you.

Willing to take a shot? Kindly click on the links above to acquire any of the products.

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