How To Decorate A Bedroom For Newly Married Couple

How To Decorate Bedroom For Newly Married Couple

One most beautiful facet of the conventional life we’ve known is the awesomeness and the undeniable feeling that erupt as we walk down the aisle with the love of our lives. Having someone that bonds with you in ways unimaginable is a profound blessing that mother nature has bestowed on us.


Weddings are a step into living the best episodes of life with our one true love. Nonetheless, this wouldn’t be complete without first preparing the home you’re to spend eternity together. Certainly, the home should be made perfect with more emphasis to be the bedroom, because, it encompasses the journey of two souls that are intertwined together.


Decorating the bedroom for a newly married couple doesn’t necessarily have to be done overboard but with some little touches here and there, you’re good to go. However, on a tight budget, you can purchase quite some number of bedroom interiors to keep the spark intact for years.


In A Hurry? The following are some bedroom ideas for newly married couples.

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Vanity set

Metal 2-piece Vanity Set Black and Clear

Kamiler 4-Drawer Dresser Storage, 3-Tier Organizer Tower Unit for Bedroom


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BATHWA Tall Bookshelf Mordern Wood Metal Open Industrial Book Shelves


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The following are some bedroom ideas for newly married couples.


1. Painting

This is one aspect that mustn’t be ignored. The colors used in painting a couple’s bedroom plays a significant role. Mix matching and blending of colors with the patterns and style of the bedroom are highly welcomed. For newly married couples, some great looking colors to used are;

A. Red and white
B. Emerald
C. Gray and silver
D. Orange and lemon
E. Buttercream color
F. Pink and white
G. Orange and sky blue
H. French rose and lemonade pink
I. Indigo
J. Turquoise
K. White

These are some of the colors couples can infuse into their bedroom to heighten the romance and to keep the feelings bubbling.

More so, to spice up the love, the newly married couple could as well blend colors that they both love by blending together, to produce a distinctive color to greatly enhance the rest bedroom decors that would be used in the room hitherto.

In all, colors are the main disposition to kick off the voyage of unending bliss between the couple. Hence, be intentional about what colors to subscribe to because they’re like the foundation for building the bedroom that would encapsulate the journey ahead.



2. Decorate the bedroom with Lightening

Did you know that without light, we wouldn’t have been able to see some beautiful natural disposition in their firmament which are planted in different regions of the world by mother nature? Oh yes. At such, we need lights to give an ambiance into our bedrooms in making it an atmosphere of passion.

For newly married couples, settling for just any style of lighting shouldn’t be an option for you. For such a scenario, the lighting is topnotch in reflecting an aura of love which is the sole purpose of coming together in harmony. Here’s a lighting style you should purchase for your bedroom.

FINN FOUR 9 Height 79-inch Diameter 24 inch High Ceiling Light Modern Crystal Chandelier

This high ceiling modern light is enough to inculcate romance and love into your bedroom day in, day out. Such is needed to exhale love as you enjoy coziness with your spouse.


1. Modern Crystal Chandelier 9 Light

This elegant beauty comes with 9 main sparkling lights infuse into it to bring a special glow to the bedroom. Included are a crystal ball, modern mount plate, and strandlines.

2. Strong and durable

If ever you’re in doubt, am here to tell you not to because this magnificent lightening right here is strong and durable to serve its the purpose for a long period of time.

3. Bulb Type & Components

The bulb type is of different brands of bulbs which are energy-saving bulbs, led bulbs, and dimmable bulbs. Altogether, they bring ambiance to your room in spicing up a love-filled atmosphere.


1. It is easy to assemble
2. It gives you value for your money
3. It is perfect for a newly married couple
4. It is inexpensive
5. It is elegant, strong and durable


1. There are no one ball and two ball light to match


3. Bed/Beddings/Throw pillows

This is where the whole emotions and passion are carried out. Without the bed, there possibly won’t be a bedroom. It is on the bed that both spouses express their love for each other. Inclusive are the beddings. You are not permitted to use any bedding that doesn’t correspond with love or romance.

As a newly married couple, you’re to start the journey with bedroom interiors and decors that symbolizes love. That is, whatever bedding that should be allowed to grace the bed, would be beddings that would depict the outlook of the bedroom to have a cupid look.

Here’s a bedding set for a newly married couple.

Tache 6 Piece Caramel Latte Ruffle Comforter Quilt Set, King Size

The color gold can never go wrong in any bedroom where it is used. A glance at it shows the exquisite designs and fabric that are used to bring this beauty into total perfection.


1. 6 Piece Comforter Set

This set of bedding comprises 6 comforter sets which are enough to get cozy with your spouse.

2. Long-lasting fabric

The fabric used is of durable material to elongate its life span as it is being used.

3. Style

The style and designs are more of pleated ruffles that are used to enhance the beauty and quality of the fabric used. Also, the filling is properly stitched to keep them intact.


1. It is elegant
2. It has beautiful designs
3. It comprises of 6 piece comforter set
4. It is soft
5. Lightweight


1. It has a limited color which is gold



4. Vanity set

To put a smile on your spouse’s face, get a vanity set to radiate the love existing in the bedroom. Let’s look at one of these gorgeous sets for you.

Metal 2-piece Vanity Set Black and Clear

Simple but refined, this vanity set without light can serve as your makeup table, reading and doing some office work. It would certainly suit the bedroom and blend with whatever color you’re to use for painting.


1. Metal frame

The frame is made of metal to ensure the longevity of the vanity set. The finishing is of a higher metal finishing.

2. Easy to assemble

In the next couple of minutes, your vanity set would be ready. It doesn’t cost much time to assemble. Assembling is quite easy.

3. Strong and durable

Strong enough to hold items and durable to withstand pressure.


1. It is made of metal
2. Perfect finishing
3. It is inexpensive
4. Easy to maintain and assemble
5. It is sturdy


1. Limited colors



5. Drawers

This aspect deals with the storing of bedroom utilities, books, office documents, and others. A newly married couple needs a drawer to not only store such items but also to beautify the bedroom by creating space, such that items aren’t found loitering around but properly kept in the drawer.

A type of drawer that you need in the bedroom is Kamiler drawer.

Kamiler 4-Drawer Dresser Storage, 3-Tier Organizer Tower Unit for Bedroom

Kamiler drawer isn’t the biggest bedroom drawer there is but is spacious enough to get your items together in a safe place.


1. Keep the bedroom tidy

The essence of having to purchase a drawer is to keep the bedroom tidy and free from items being scattered around the room. A tidy room is ten times more attractive than an untidy room.

2. Lightweight and portable

It is made to be light-weighted to allow easy movement around the room when necessary. Alongside, is the portability of the drawer.

3. It is sturdy and durable

Produced with a metal frame to become sturdy and durable material for comfort. Easy to clean and maintain.


1. It has adjustable feet
2. It is light weighted
3. Made of polyester and metal
4. Lovely design
5. It is inexpensive


1. It doesn’t come with reassembling.



6. Artwork/Portrait/Library

These three items are needed in all bedrooms to boost the love inherent between couples. Your existing love for any of these items is a great way to begin the blissful journey.

Large Modern Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov – Loneliness Of Autumn

Isn’t it adorable? This large modern oil painting is definitely a breath of a new life for couples.


1. Certificate authenticity is attached.

Alongside the oil painting is a certificate of authenticity included by the painter in the packaging as proof of evidence.

2. Oil painting on cotton canvas

The painting is done on cotton canvas which makes it appear brighter and prettier.


1. It has a perfect oil finishing
2. It is durable
3. It is sturdy


1. It is a bit expensive

BATHS Tall Bookshelf Modern Wood Metal Open Industrial Book Shelves 

Reading is never enough. We read as much as we can to learn, unlearn and relearn. For newly married couples, this is a great start.


1. It is spacious

It is wide enough to contain numerous books and other artifacts.

2. Material and protection

Made from strong metal materials to protect the shelve from wearing down.

3. Easy to install

No hassle, stress, or whatsoever. There are tools that have been included in the package box for easy installation. It comes with a manual as well.


1. It has an accessory bag
2. It has 5 tier
3. Good storage capacity
4. Value for money.


1. Not made out of solid wood



7. Headboard

Who doesn’t love headboards? In decorating the bedroom, the headboard shouldn’t be excluded. They turn the bedroom to become royalty.

Better Homes and Gardens Grayson Linen Upholstered Headboard with Nailheads

Feel like a king or queen with Better Homes and Gardens headboard to radiate style and coziness.


1. Classic design

The style is classically followed by the linen fabric which is used to enhance its looks.

2. Comfy and durable

The headboard is comfy to permit resting of one’s head to converse with a spouse, read some books together or even watch TV together when necessary. It is durable such that it can be used for long.

3. Adjustable headboard height

This is one unique aspect of getting such a headboard. You get to adjust the headboard if need be.


1. It is sturdy
2. Value for money
3. Easy to assemble
4. It is inexpensive
5. Adjustable headboard


1. It won’t fit a California king bed



8. Faux fur rug

Faux fur rugs are synonymous with the word coziness. They’re best blended with the latest trends and interiors used in the bedroom. It would serve as a spot for having midnight discussions with your partner.

Manual premium Faux Sheepskin Fur Rug White

Soft and fluffy, Mrdanval got you covered. For couples who are just tying the knot, you’ll need such a rug to bring into reality the detailing of your bedroom for romantic nights.


1. Premium bedside fur rug

Imagining waking up and placing your foot on this fluffy rug. The feeling is divine. It is best placed beside the bed for the coziness.

2. Best for relaxation

Aside from sitting on it with your spouse, either of you could turn it to a yoga mat or for relaxation.

3. Nonslip backside

Regardless of where it is placed, it wouldn’t slip backward or sideward. It is stagnant.


1. It is easy to clean and maintain
2. It is fluffy and cozy
3. It is inexpensive
4. It doesn’t slip
5. Perfect for relaxation


1. It comes in plain white only



9. Bedroom wood bench

To complement the bookshelf, bedroom wood bench should be enlisted. It would grant you comfort as you read or engage in conversations with your spouse.

Linon Ella Glitz Acrylic Leg Bench

Linon bedroom wood bench is made specifically for relaxing, reading, and sitting. Such a bench is required for spending priceless moments with one another.


1. Clear Acrylic legs

The legs of the bedroom wood bench are made of clear acrylic legs to ensure it is balanced

2. Tufted Top Details

The base of the wood bench is designed with tufted detailing to make it stand out.


1. It has a unique design
2. It has acrylic legs
3. It is strong and durable
4. Perfect for reading and relaxing


1. It has no stud along the sides

In conclusion, the process involves in decorating the bedroom for a newly married couple isn’t much of a tedious task. With the right bedroom style and decorations, the couple is to proceed with their marriage lives.

And with the right bedroom interiors, a lifetime of ecstasy awaits the newly married couple.

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