How To Decorate A Bedroom Vanity – Very Simple Steps

How to decorate a bedroom vanity

Knowing how to decorate your bedroom vanity is ideal if you don’t want it looking chaotic and unruly. You wouldn’t want to start the day with annoyance because you couldn’t easily find a piece of jewelry, or you found it tangled up with a brush or some other accessories you keep on your vanity table. Apart from having a clear vanity tabletop for beautifying yourself, decorating a bedroom vanity will add to the allure of your bedroom.

In this article, we will show you how to transform your bedroom vanity in a way that makes it not only easy to use but also very appealing. We will also be showing you some styling tips and tricks that will help you decorate your bedroom vanity for optimal use.


Choosing the perfect size

When determining how to decorate a bedroom vanity, the size of your bedroom is the most paramount of all things you are going to consider. This will determine if the vanity decoration will be large or small, elegant, or simple.

Either your bedroom is small or big, you will also need to decide the perfect spot for the placement of the vanity. You will have to pick a place with a lot of natural light. If you can’t get enough natural light into your bedroom, then you will need a LED light that is around 60 to 100 watts bulbs.

Afterward, you can measure this spot so you can determine the size of the vanity you will need. If you aren’t going to be saving a lot of things or your room is small, then you don’t need a huge vanity.

Moreover, If you are going to purchase the chair separately from the table, you will also have to do some measurements. The space between the bottom of the tabletop and the top of the chair should be within 10″ to 12″.




When choosing how to decorate a bedroom vanity, its style has to correspond with the rest of your bedroom. We will be showing you what to consider and how to do it.


  • Traditional or contemporary vanity bedroom

How to decorate a bedroom vanity

If your room is styled the traditional way, then an antique bedroom vanity is what you need because this allows your bedroom to project a classic and timeless feeling still. You will need a bedroom vanity with leaf motifs, cabriole legs, decorative carvings, and several other features that gives it a traditional look.

However, if your bedroom is styled the contemporary way, then you will need a bedroom vanity that is simple and sleek, usually with a mix of various material that builds visual interest. Most contemporary bedroom vanities have varying lines, asymmetrical details, and signature angular shapes that make it look unique.


  • Color

The color is also paramount when decorating a bedroom vanity. Choosing an inappropriate color can disrupt the overall look of your bedroom. If you are not certain how a particular color scheme will look like, then you should go for neutral colors. Black and white are still the safest choice to opt for. However, if your bedroom looks neutral already, you can have a colorful bedroom vanity to add to its style.


  • Lighting

Natural light is still the best source of light to use, but there might be days when everywhere is cloudy and you might need to get yourself ready for the day, or your bedroom simply doesn’t have enough natural light shining inside. During times like these, artificial lighting will save the day. You can go for wall mountable lights or illuminated mirrors. You can also hang mood lighting on the ceiling to add to the atmosphere of your bedroom.


  • Focal point

You will need something large to place on the wall where the bedroom vanity will be. However, if your vanity table is placed underneath a window, then obviously nothing is needed to put on the wall. Still, it is very unlikely you will be placing the vanity table underneath a window.

A large mirror is still the best thing to hang on the wall, but if you have a mirror with legs and it is already placed on the vanity table, then you can put a piece of artwork instead, or photos of memories you hold dear.

Using a mirror, collection of photos or artwork will add depth to your room, and also it gives it a chick look. If you are using a contemporary bedroom vanity, then you can opt for an asymmetrical mirror. Moreover, make sure whatever you add shouldn’t be wider than your bedroom vanity; it should be at least half of it.


  • Tall accessories

You will need something tall that will create balance with the focal point and add character to the bedroom vanity. You can opt for a lamp, but if you have one already then consider a pillar candle or vase with faux flowers. Whatever you opt for, make sure it has a bold color, and it is tall.


  • Trays

How to decorate a bedroom vanity

Either you have limited drawers, or you just want your vanity tabletop tidier, using trays is the best option you have. Depending on the accessories you keep on the vanity tabletop, you might need to have separate trays for each accessory—a tray for jewelry, another one for makeup, and so on. Styling up your vanity tabletop with trays eliminates the occurrence of things getting tangled up. Besides, when things are orderly, it will add to the allure of the vanity.


  • Chairs

If you are getting the chairs separately, then you will need a chair that fits the style of the vanity tabletop. You can use a chair that has a pop of color. Also, texture helps, you can go for a woven or silky texture.


  • Accessories

After decorating a bedroom vanity and there is still ample space available, you will need to add some accessories. It can be anything such as books, magazines, photo frames, and even a snow globe can be used, what matters the most is that it should be something you reckon with.


Where should I put my makeup vanity? 

How to decorate makeup vanity

How to decorate makeup vanity

The way you will decorate a makeup vanity slightly differs from bedroom vanity. You will have to increase the charm of the vanity up a notch by putting more details and texture. For texture, you can have a faux fur chair layered with small fluffy pillows. Also, if you will prefer a contemporary makeup vanity, then you can go for an asymmetrical design due to its uniqueness. All these will also spice up your inspiration whenever you are using the makeup vanity accessories to beautify yourself.

If you have a large collection of makeup accessories, then using a tray or little box alone won’t be enough. You will need a makeup vanity with enough drawers that you can use to store your makeup supply. Apart from your palettes, lipsticks, lotions, and eyeshade, you will also need space for facial tissue, cotton balls, and cotton swabs. Make sure you store these two separately.



How to style makeup vanity in a small room

How to style makeup vanity in a small room

If your makeup vanity doesn’t have drawers, you can install a glass top that looks like an alcove on the makeup vanity table. Once this glass top has been installed, you will be able to organize your makeup accessories by sliding it in and out of the glass encasement. You can use small trays to hold all your accessories.

If you have a small room and you don’t have much space anymore, you can place the makeup vanity beside your bed in place of a nightstand. You can make a little space for a lamp, an alarm, reading materials, and other things you will place on a nightstand. The only downside is that you might have to back the window that natural light shines through. If that is the case, you will have to make use of artificial light, such as an illuminated mirror, standing lamp, wall-mountable bulbs, and so on.


Accessories for makeup vanity

How to style makeup vanity in a small room

The accessories you will be using for your makeup vanity is somewhat similar to that of the bedroom vanity. However, you will be making use of more elegant accessories with intricate details.


  • Install a stylish mirror

How to style makeup vanity in a small room

When decorating a makeup vanity, your mirror is one of the essential accessories you will need. You can go for a full-length mirror on the wall which will give the makeup vanity a bold statement, or you can opt for a midsize mirror with a glamorous design. Whichever you go for, make sure it is stylish. You shouldn’t go for something plain because your mirror also helps in keeping you inspired if it has a nice design.  


  • Stylish tray

A stylish tray can add to the allure of a makeup vanity. The tray will be a perfect balance of functionality and style. Makeup accessories you use every day should be placed in the tray so you can easily pick anything you need.


  • Small bowls


If you are placing your jewelry on the makeup vanity, then you should get some small bowls. You will be placing your jewelry in these bowls. You can separate them by style or by function. You can place watches in a particular bowl, necklaces in another, rings in another, and so on. This will make your makeup vanity tidy, and also make your jewelry readily accessible.


  • Apothecary jars

How to style makeup vanity in a small room

Put the cotton balls and cotton swabs in apothecary jars. Storing them in these jars will make your makeup vanity more stylish. Also, it will allow you to pick up cotton swabs or cotton balls anytime you need it. You can place the apothecary jars beside the tray.


  • Flowers

Flowers are also important because they make the makeup vanity look perfectly styled, and also make it feel finished. Regardless of you having flower vases on the shelf (if you have one), you can still put a small vase filled with fresh blooms on the makeup vanity table.


  • Art

How to style makeup vanity in a small room

Even if you have a shelf lined with art prints or you have them placed on your makeup vanity table, you can still add some flair to your vanity by hanging framed pieces of art on the wall. If you have special collections of painting, you can also hang it on the walls. This will display your personality by showcasing the things you love.


  • Inspiration station

Your makeup vanity is also your inspiration station. It should be designed in a way that would keep you inspired as you beautify yourself. You can install a shelf where you will put magazines, books, photo frames, art prints, vases, and so on. All these can be related to fashion or not, but at least they will add more style to your makeup vanity, and they will inspire you during your daily routine. When choosing what to put together, make sure they are things you resonate with and love so that they will make you feel good every day. If you can’t use a shelf, you can also use your vanity tabletop if you have ample space.




Setting up vanity isn’t a tough job or expensive. All it requires is based on the style you want. The decoration that matters most is that of the vanity table and chair. If your vanity is designed elegantly or has asymmetrical designs that look great, then you will have a nice looking vanity. The flowers, framed arts, tall accessories, and so on, are just additions.

Either you want to decorate a bedroom vanity or decorate makeup vanity, you will still need to put the lighting and size of the room into consideration. They will determine how efficient you can use vanity.

Also, you can put your bedroom vanity or makeup vanity in a walk-in closet if there is ample space there. This will give you more privacy as you get ready for the day. The only downside is that there is usually poor lighting in walk-in closets. Nevertheless, you can make use of artificial lighting.

All the recommendations in this article are easy to follow, install, and they don’t cost a fortune. Once you’ve set this up to taste, it’s time to start enjoying your vanity.

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