How Do I Make My Child’s Bedroom Cozy

How Do I Make My Child’s Bedroom Cozy?

Have you been pondering how to bring coziness to your child’s bedroom? Are you short of ideas on what steps to take in achieving this? Worry no more.


How Do I Make My Child’s Bedroom Cozy?

There’s nothing as fun as putting effort into beautifying your child’s bedroom to their level of expectation. Knowing it’s something they would certainly love with all of their hearts, the willingness to carry it out gives you so much joy. This is because you’ll be doing it to give your child simply the best.


What are the requirements needed to build a cozy bedroom for your child?

1. Bed

The most sought after thing in the bedroom is the bed. Everything else could matter a little to them but if the bed isn’t as comfortable as they expected, there’s bound to be resistance.

Here, you would be looking for a bed that is made and designed for kids alone. They are different from the normal bed used by adults. Children’s beds are a lot more comfortable, soft, and cozier. Ranging from bunk beds, twin beds, trundle beds and so much more. You can as well ask for the opinions on the type of beds they would want which would make things a lot easier for you.

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2. Beddings

The second most important thing to pay attention to when changing your child’s bedroom to become cozy is the beddings that will be used. Colors are children’s weak point. Anything that can get their attention is what they go for.

To make the bed cozy, the beddings to be used should be on point. I would suggest you ask them for their favorite colors or favorite cartoon characters so you can get the bed sheets and duvet with their favorite colors or characters on them. With this, they would love you for the rest of their lives.

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3. Lightening

Cozy rooms oftentimes do not require bright lights. A child finds it difficult to sleep when there are bright lights everywhere. If you truly want your child to feel relaxed and cozy in the bedroom, invest in lightening

Children love colorful lights that bring out the finesse accessories found in their rooms. A small chandelier, wall lights for kids should be added to make them cozy and elated. Lamps beside the bed are a must so your child doesn’t sleep in a room that is dark. So when turning the rest of the lights off, you can leave the lampshade to keep the room a bit bright which goes on to keep them warm.

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4. Wardrobe

In all bedrooms, wardrobes are necessary. The use of wardrobes aside keeping of clothes is to make the room tidy.

For a child’s bedroom, the wardrobe should be included to keep the room neat and spacious. Ensure that all clothes would be in the wardrobe to promote a cozy environment for your child.

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5. Painting

This aspect should be given full attention because like I earlier said, children, are attracted to eye-catching things. In the normal sense, we can use any of the colors for the walls. We’ll with kids, you don’t just assume. You take mindful steps to give something colorful and cool.

Bright colors are the best on occasions like this. Colors like blue, pink, red, lemon, peach would grace their bedroom in a simple and beautiful way. The good news also is that you can blend with other colors or play with colors.

Play with colors means using different colors for the furniture, accessories, and designs of the room. You could adopt patterns. Mix up with colors and patterns seem to be a great idea that can bring coziness to your child’s bedroom.

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6. Bookshelf

I know what you’re thinking but no it isn’t what you’re thinking. A child’s bookshelf is usually different from that of an adult’s room. It mustn’t be a big shelf. A small shelf where some numbers of books can fit in should be enough.

Such bookshelves are filled with animated books for children which they love. Fanciful books with cartoon characters, books on animal stories, books about children, and a whole lot of other books that can keep them busy or learn more about the world we all live in.

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7. Canopy

Adding a canopy to your child’s bedroom is like building a castle. This would be lovely and breathtaking. Hanging a canopy from the ceiling down to the bed looks so adorable.

To make it exceptional, you can add some kiddies stuffs or canopy accessories that can cause a dark room to be colorful or better still, use a disco bulb around the canopy.

This alone would make the bedroom warm, calm, and cozy in an amazing way.

8. Drawers

Drawers aren’t for adults alone. Fixing your child’s room to become cozy would involve placing within the room a drawer. Drawers are for the main purpose of storing some important stuff that can be useful to your child.

Also, lamps are placed on them to give light to the bed. Plain drawers ain’t cool for kids. They won’t fancy it. So what should you do?

There are lots of children’s drawers customized in different patterns which are meant to allure them and make them feel cozy in the bedroom. Look out for such a drawer for your child.

9. Pictures/wallpapers

If there’s anything that is missing in the bedroom, it shouldn’t be this. Each bedroom should contain some family portraits which should be hung on walls or placed on a drawer.

For wallpapers, they are known as room beautifiers. Is it color, prestige, serenity, or poise? They bring into the bedroom all of the latter. Picking out which wallpaper to paste on the wall won’t pose to be a problem at all. You can search for children’s wallpapers which are enticing. One other way to get the wallpapers right would be giving your child the privilege to choose any of his choices.

10. Quiet time

Just as adults do need some quiet time to work, write and plan ahead, in the same manner, should you create a space for this. On one side of the bedroom, a little space should be created for this purpose. What are the things needed to be used for quiet time?

You’ll be getting your child a table and chair for his/her quiet time. As usual, get children’s tables and chairs that can be used for doing homework, studying, and writing. You can decide to get a fur chair which would be more comfortable for your child.

11. Throw pillows

Another bedroom idea that can make your child’s bedroom cozy are throw pillows. They enhance the beauty of the room by being a support for your child so they can get proper balancing.

It has quite some advantages which we can’t help but adore them for those advantages. For instance, not all children love the idea of using a big pillow when sleeping or laying on the floor. Some would rather go for a throw pillow which is smaller and more of their size. But in all, both should be used to beautify their bedroom because they make the bed to become warm.

12. Headboard

Getting a bed with a headboard or attaching a headboard to a bed is a fantastic bedroom idea that contributes to the coziness of your child’s bedroom.

There are attractive children headboard designed to perfection. Whatever headboard you decide to get for the child, ensure it blends with the paintings, colors, and accessories in which the room would be decorated with.

13. Storage box

Aside from keeping your child’s clothes and a few other things in the wardrobe and drawers, there also should be a sort of an open storage box like a wardrobe to store some important things.

You can place their school bags, books, writing accessories, playing equipment, and toys right into the storage box than leaving them scattered in a portion of the room.

14. Space for playing

The last bedroom idea for your child to bring a cozy feeling is creating a space right in the room for playing.

You can never stop children from playing. Be it outdoors or indoors, there should be room to enable them to play. Since you want to make the room cozy, do not neglect this aspect. Hence, the bedroom must be spacious to allow such. This would make your child happy.

To conclude, if you follow the listed bedroom ideas on how to make your child’s bedroom cozy, it will lead to getting the desired results you envisage to see. Just so you know, one of the best ways to win your child’s heart is by turning their bedroom into a dreamy land that would get them immersed with the look of the room.

This would go to show that their comfortability, desires, and happiness matters more than most important things. Your child, on the other hand, would feel loved and excited.

Getting your child’s bedroom cozy will be one of the greatest gifts ever given to them.

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