9 Best Bed Canopies for Kids – They will Love it

Best bed canopies for kids

Bed canopies were intended to offer privacy and give the sleeping space a little warmth. Nowadays, they’re also used as an addition to the beauty of a room. The best bed canopies for kids also offer a warm sleeping space, some privacy, parental control, and beauty to the room. Some are designed with LED lights, stars design that light up at night, soft colors, and so on.

Most of these bed canopies come with storage nets where they can keep their toys and gadgets. Kids can easily turn their bed canopies to a play area.

What we considered when picking these bed canopies

  • Printed designs and colors- these are very important. Kids are more inclined to soft colors and designs of characters, objects, or symbols they are familiar with because it puts them at ease. They will cherish the bed canopy and be able to sleep better.
  • Durability – we all don’t want a bed canopy that we will have to change every few months. Besides, durable bed canopies make kids more comfortable. You wouldn’t have to worry about it collapsing or not being able to withstand the wind when the windows are opened.
  • Assembly and Disassembly – most of the bed canopies written about in this article can easily be set up or taken down by kids once they are shown how it’s done. However, some require the parents to help out.
  • Weight – we only opted for bed canopies that are lightweight because it improves the quality of sleep. The kids will be able to stay comfortably in their bed canopies without getting hot.

We have written in-depth about the best bed canopies for kids. All the information you’ll need is written about. Enjoy!



  1. BESTEN Floorless Indoor Privacy Tent on Bed 

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This bed canopy for kids is made from polyester. It’s a very good choice if more than one kid will be sleeping in it.

On the top of this bed canopy, there is a mesh vent that blocks drafty winds while allowing only fresh air to circulate inside the canopy. This will keep the kids warm, make them fall asleep quickly, and have a night of cozy sleep.

Besides sleeping, kids can use this canopy as a spot for studying, reading or playing games. There is a pouch that is touch-friendly, so kids can use it in holding phones or tablets, thereby turning the canopy into a mini-theatre. If you want to use the pouch and it is creased, you can easily use a hairdryer (make sure it is in low heat) or use a clothes steamer to smoothen the creases. 

You can also hook a Bluetooth speaker to this bed canopy to play songs or voice lessons if they choose to study inside it. You can also hook a lantern to it, thereby creating a glow.

It is designed with three openings that are easily accessible for entry/exit. All these openings can be zipped up or down from the outside and the inside. There are two wide openings on both sides of this bed canopy. Kids can get out without having to disturb the others in the canopy. The last opening is slightly smaller and it is on the feet side. Kids can use this opening to view the television.

Once you’ve put the tent over the mattress, make sure you tuck-in each corner and side so that they will fit the mattress perfectly. If you’re finding it hard to tuck in, you can use a loop band and adhesive hook on each corner.


  1. Delta Children Canopy Toddler Bed, Disney Frozen 

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Delta Children Canopy is JPMA certified. It meets all CPSC & ASTM safety standard requirements. This makes it very safe to use. This bed canopy has both metallic and plastic construction. The steel frame is sturdy and the plastic frame is also of high quality. It can withstand the weight of your kid.

This bed canopy for kids has Disney characters from the cartoon titled “Frozen”. The cartoon is popular so kids will like these. Besides, staring at the cartoon characters before sleeping can make kids have a wonderful dream, and this is one of the reasons Delta printed it on the bed canopy. 

Delta Children Canopy is designed for babies of 15 months old and above, toddler girls will also love it. It is designed to hold up to 50 pounds. The colorful design and cartoon characters make it more suitable for kids.

This bed canopy for kids comes in the color purple and frosty shades of blue. It helps in calming kids so they can have a peaceful nighttime rest. Moreover, while sleeping, this bed canopy is designed to keep them safe. There are two guardrails that help in protecting kids from falling off. They can turn as many times as possible without falling off the edge.

Delta Children Canopy has a standard crib mattress. It makes their nighttime rest very peaceful. Moreover, it is very easy to assemble this bed.


  1. Leedor Bed Canopy Shelter Cabin

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This bed canopy for kids is styled as an enclosed canopy shelter. It has four openings that allow you to have easy access inside it. There are two openings that could serve as windows so as to make this bed canopy airy. If you want more breeze blowing inside, you can unzip all the openings.

A twin bed can fit inside this bed canopy. For some privacy, there are curtains attached to the openings. Kids can roll down the curtain to block out sunlight. At night, this curtain can make the inside warm so that they can have a pleasant sleep. If parents want alone time, they will also find these curtains helpful.

The pop-up frame design of this bed canopy makes it very easy to set up. There are also shock-corded poles that add to the ease of setting it up, and also adds to the rigidity of the bed canopy so it doesn’t get blown around. However, it has a weight of 4.3 lbs, making this bed canopy lightweight.

Leedor Bed Canopy Shelter Cabin doesn’t necessarily need to be attached to a bed. You can place it on the floor and fit a mattress inside it.

This bed canopy is made with high-quality pongee fabric that is soft and breathable. It comes in a dark grey color. This color reduces the amount of light inside the bed canopy so kids can have a peaceful sleep. It’s a great choice for kids who aren’t scared of the dark.

Both kids and adults can use Leedor Bed Canopy Shelter Cabin. It has an enclosed design, making it a great place to have alone time. Kids will have a great space for doing homework or reading their favorite books.

There is a built-in hook that can be used for hanging lights. It also has an integrated bag that can be used for storing toys, books, mobile phones, and so on. It allows them to access them easily. This bed canopy is easy to fold. There is a compact carrying bag that will come in handy if the kids are going camping or for holidays.



  1. Alvantor 2014 Starlight Bed Canopy 

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Alvantor 2014 Starlight Bed Canopy comes with pop up PVC poles that are durable, and there are also fiberglass rods. They allow the bed canopy to be stable and still stay in good shape after using it for a long time. It is also made from high-quality fabric with printed star patterns. These star patterns glow in the dark and create starlights, giving the kids a magical private space. It also helps in lighting up the bed canopy for kids that are scared of the dark.

This bed canopy is similar to Leedor Bed Canopy Shelter Cabin because you don’t need to fit it into a bed frame. Moreover, they both have the same shape but come in different colors and the thickness is also different. You can fit a twin size mattress into this bed canopy.

There is a mesh at the top designed as a large star. It’s meant to function as a window. It allows airflow inside the bed canopy. However, it can also be used for parental control if the bed is used as a play area or to keep an eye on kids when they are asleep.

The curtains of this bed canopy measure 58 x 35 x 40H inches, a good size for twin beds. It provides better privacy for kids. They’re not retractable. The curtains are sewn to the edges of this bed canopy. However, it doesn’t reduce the lighting entering the bed canopy to the point that the inside is dark. The color of this bed canopy allows the inside to have some light still.

There is a storage pocket that kids can use to safe keep toys, mobile devices, books, and so on. It makes them easily accessible when needed.

It is easy to set up this bed canopy. Once you pop up the frame, there are shock-corded poles that make it stable and ready to be sleeping or playing space. It is also easy to take down and fold. You can store it inside the portable carrying bag.



  1. DDASUMI Warm Tent for Single Bed 

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DDASUMI Warm Tent for Single Bed is designed for just one kid. There is another design available for multiple beds. This bed canopy has a big opening and two small openings at the sides. These small openings can also serve as a window. The big opening allows your kid to have easy entry into the bed canopy.

It is made of polyester. Even when this bed canopy openings are fully zipped during day time, the inside is still bright because this bed canopy is made of lighter colors. If your kids want some privacy, they can get it without needing artificial lighting.

The poles that are used for setting up this bed canopy are made of fiberglass. These poles give it rigid stability.

This is one of the best bed canopies that block out cold air. It’s specially designed to keep the inside warm. There is a design mechanism at the foot of this bed canopy. It allows you to stick it to the floor or the bed with no entry space for airflow. You will also have to zip up the openings to prevent airflow.

If you plan to use this bed on the floor, you will have to fit a mattress inside. This bed canopy is designed for only a person, so it has to be a single person mattress. You can also fit it to a bed that has a stand. Also, you need to consider the location of your bed, and if it is near the wall, you won’t be able to use the small openings.

The storage size of this bed canopy is  — Length 26 X Width 6 X Height 4 inches. When it is fully assembled and ready to be used, this bed canopy has — Length 83 X Width 47 X Height 53 inches.

There is a storage net that kids can use to safe keep their gadgets or other materials so they can access them easily. There is also a storage bag you can use in safekeeping this bed canopy when not in use.


  1. DDASUMI Warm Tent for Double Bed without Floor 

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This bed canopy is also made from polyester. It is made for a double bed. If you’ve two kids, this is a much more preferable choice of DDASUMI Warm Tent. Kids can also use it as a play area with their friends.

It is also designed to block cold air, thereby keeping the inside warm. This bed canopy has the air-blocking design mechanism at the feet. You can stick it to the edges of the bed so as to block the inflow of air.

The setup size of this bed canopy is — Length 83 X Width 59 X Height 53 inches. It has the same size as the single bed DDASUMI Warm Tent, the only difference is in their width, and that is why it is much bigger and can accommodate double beds. This bed canopy is also slightly heavier. The weight is 4.8 lbs. Its storage size is — Length 25 X Width 6 X Height 4 inches. The pole of this be canopy is also made of fiberglass. This improves its stability.

This bed canopy can only be used on a bed, so you need not worry about how well it can withstand your kid’s weight. The bed will be cushioning most of the weight.

This bed canopy is easy to set up and easy to fold when not in use. It comes with a storage bag that allows you to keep it safe and store it until the next time your kid will be using it.


  1. Comtelek Bed Canopy with 100 led String Lights

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This bed canopy by Comtelek can be used as a bed canopy and mosquito net. It is also suitable for kids who are scared of the dark. There are several UL LED that can be strung to this net. This UL LED doesn’t just light the bed canopy; it also decorates the bed canopy and adds to the beauty of the room.

The material used for this bed canopy is a fabric netting. It has lots of tiny holes, amounting to 256 holes per square inch. These holes are tiny so it will keep bed bugs, mosquitoes, wasps, and other insects from getting access inside the net. However, these tiny holes allow air inside. This makes your kid have a wonderful nighttime rest. 

It has a pre-installed hanging pin that makes installation very quick. It allows you to set up this bed canopy within seconds, and you can adjust it easily to cover the whole of the bed. There are no parts for you to assemble. Once you take this bed canopy out of its storage bag, all you need do is to hang it. If you want to remove it, twist it until it collapses.

The ring at the top of this bed canopy that allows you to hang it to the ceiling has a diameter of 24 inches. This makes it hollow at the top. The net circumference is 500 inches (42ft). It is wide enough to cover the whole of your kid’s bed.

If there is no place to fit the ring, you can purchase a hook. After fixing it to the ceiling, you can easily hang the top of the bed canopy there.

The Globe LED light chain that comes with it also has a plug and a timer. The chain is 33ft (10m) long, you can wrap it around the bed canopy several times until it covers a good portion of it. The lead wire that the plug is attached to is 10ft (3m). The length of the lead wire is long if your kid’s bed isn’t near a socket. This LED light has 7.2 watts rated power and 29V low voltage transformer. The transformer is UL certified so it’s safe for use.

This bed canopy can also be used outdoors. It is IP44 waterproof. You can lay a mat on the ground and hang the bed canopy to a tree.


  1. Dix-Rainbow Bed Canopy Lace Mosquito Net 

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This bed canopy is made from high-quality chiffon. It looks very stylish. It is designed like an abode for princes and princesses. It is designed with tassels, but you can add more. You can also add fairy lights, dream chasers, and so on to this bed canopy to beautify it.

Dix-Rainbow Bed Canopy also serves as a mosquito net. At the top, there is a round dome made with lace and it has a hook for attaching it to the ceiling. This hook makes it easy to set up this bed canopy and to remove it for safekeeping.

The round dome has a diameter of 60cm (23.6inch). There are net curtains that are breathable and light. These curtains have a length of 240cm (94.5inch). The curtain is very long.

To make this bed canopy serve as a mosquito net, you can pull the curtains together to block out any space penetrable by mosquitoes or other insects. Dix-Rainbow Bed Canopy Lace Mosquito Net comes in three colors that are soft — white, grey and pink.

You can drape this bed canopy over a small bed or lay a fluffy mat inside the bed canopy. The fabric of this bed canopy is light and breathable. Adequate airflow will be able to enter, and kids will sleep soundly. Moreover, this bed canopy has an easy entrance.

A user manual, double-adhesive tape & hook panel, and steel wire are included in this bed canopy package.


  1. HearthSong Bed Canopy 30-LED Lights

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This bed canopy comes with 30 LED lights that give it a magical look, making it seem like your kid is under a starry night. If your kid is scared of the dark, the lit LED lights will make them feel more at ease. Three AA batteries are required to use the LED lights, but it isn’t included in the bed canopy package, so it will have to be gotten separately.

It is very easy to assemble this bed canopy and its installation is swift. It is also easy to disassemble it. You can use it with full, queen-sized, and twin beds. Its size is 58″L X 50″W, and this is very large. It will cover your bed fully.

This bed canopy comes in soft colors, so kids will even love it more. This will make a great gift that kids will love because it gives them their own little colorful abode. And since it’s very large and can fit any bed size, everyone will be comfortable during sleepovers.

HearthSong Bed Canopy 30-LED Lights is suitable for kids age three and upwards. The material used for this bed canopy is light. It is machine washable and you can line dry it.




Adults can also use some of the best bed canopies for kids on this list. It will be great fun for your kid if they get to pick the design they want. With a little parental guidance, you will all settle on a bed canopy both you and your kid will agree on.

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